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February 7, 2010



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February 8, 2010

Daily Dudetube


Ryan Carnes got his big break going full frontal in the gay romantic comedy Eating Out. My buds over at YVY Mag found these shots of Ryan by Jeff Slater. You see more of Ryan's "Sunday Morning" routine at Jeff Slater's website.


And for fun here's Ryan's full-frontal from Eating Out




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Monday Porn Roundup


Usually new models are teamed up with veteran performers for their first hardcore action on film. In the latest update from Sean Cody newbies Kyle & Jesse are paired up for their first guy on guy sex. These guys have a great chemistry and jump right into making out and trading blow jobs. Jesse is a great top and he really goes to town on Kyle's beautiful butt. It's so hot to watch Kyle's big dick flop around while he's getting pounded. You gotta stick around until the end to see Jesse blow all over Kyle's balls, taint & hole and then lick it up.



I can't get enough of the "Serviced" videos on ChaosMen and I was so excited to see Russell starring on one. This tattooed muscle jock just lays back and lets Bryan work him over. It's obvious that Russell is loves every second of attention his rockhard cock is getting. He's got a hot hairy hole and goes wild when Bryan eats him out. To finish Russell stands up so he can feed Bryan his big load. Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more of this supersexy stud.


February 9, 2010



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Daily Dudetube


Everyone had a great time last week in Dudetube Group Chat. We'll be having another organized get-together tonight at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time. Don't worry if you can't come until later, they usually go pretty late. So head on over to the Dudetube Chat Room and I hope to see you all there.

I can't enough of [title of show] star Susan Blackwell's series on Broadway.com. Her latest episode is up with Will Swenson (Hair), Lin Manuel Miranda (In the Heights) & Andrea Martin (Young Frankenstein). Past episodes have included gay hotties Jonathan Groff & Gavin Creel.


It looks like Gossip Girl star Chase Crawford can't keep his hands off himself. Socialite Life found these shots of Chase enjoying himself on a balcony in Miami.




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Tuesday Porn Roundup


Gay stud Levi is one of the fresh new faces at Corbin Fisher. In his solo video he admitted he loves to bottom so CF had to pair him up with sexy stud Elijah. It's so hot to watch Levi's pretty face get fucked by Elijah's thick tool. Elijah eats out Levi's hot hole and then slides his tool inside. Levi really gets into being pounded and both studs deliver impressive loads.



Randy Blue not only delivers some of the hottest videos out there, they also offer superhot live shows where you can chat and watch their models. And don't worry if you miss a show, there's a huge archive of past shows. One of their latest featured Randy Blue superstars Reese Rideout and Benjamin Bradley with newbie Eric Pryor. This trio quickly shed their clothing and start exploring each other's bodies and sucking cock. There's also tons of hot rimming and grinding action before these three hotties bust their nuts.


February 10, 2010



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Daily Dudetube


I've been a big fan of model Tyler Lough since my buddy JD Ferguson shot him back in 2008. Tyler and his naked body are part of the new campaign for women's clothing compant XOXO. You can check out a video of Tyler in all his glory on their website. Warning for you guys skiddish around naked ladies, there's a lot of boobs in the video.


Here's a shot of Tyler showing how well he can fill out a pair of calvins



I have to admit that while I loved Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely's initil arc on Batman & Robin I didn't dig the arc drawn by Philip Tan as much. I am really liking the current storyline drawing by Cameron Stewart and featuring Batwoman as well as British superheroes Knight & Squire. Issue # 8 is in stores today. Also out is a brand new mini series X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back featuring some of the younger female X-Men from the Runaways team of Kathryn Immonen & Sara Pichelli. If that's not enough comic goodness you can also pick up new issues of Daytripper, Secret Six, Ultimate Comics: Spider-man, JSA: All-Stars & New Mutants. And make sure you pick up Super Friends #24 drawn by friend of the blog J. Bone.



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Wednesday Porn Roundup


You guys couldn't get enough of Jonah's blond on blond action video with power bottom Pete. Now he's back on Sean Cody to bottom for the first time with new stud Gabe. Gabe takes his time servicing Jonah's rock hard tool before rimming his virgin ass. Jonah takes Gabe's cock like a champ as he gets pounded in so many different positions. Gabe ends the video blowing his load all over Jonah's pretty face. Make sure you check out the bonus video full of tons of behind the scenes goodness.



Little hottie Jay is one of my favorite studs at Bentley Race. In his latest update a scruffier Jay is teamed up with the sexy Lukas. Jay can't wait to swallow Lukas' tool. It's obvious that Jay loves having his ass played with and he's in total ecstasy when he's getting fucked. The boys fuck like crazy until Lukas jumps off and sprays his load right across Jay's scruffy face.


February 11, 2010



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Daily Dudetube


it's not secret that I'm head over heels for male model Joseph Sayers. He's gone full-frontal in the past for photographers Bruce Weber and Joe Oppedisano. Oh La La Mag found these most recent shots of Joseph taken by i-Soul Studios.




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Thursday Porn Roundup


Some of the hottest videos of 2009 were part of the crossover between Bel Ami & Corbin Fisher. We've already seen Dolph get fucked by Dawson while Connor had a one on one session with Jean-Daniel and was part of the four man orgy. It's so fucking hot to see these two hung superstars in action together. Connor wastes no time getting Dolph naked and taking that big uncut cock down his throat. Dolph returns the favor before getting his blond furry ass eaten out. Connor is a great top and it's obvious that both studs really get into the pounding. Connor even takes a mouthful of Dolph's jizz after blowing his load all over Dolph's ass.


February 12, 2010



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Daily Dudetube


The men of reality TV have taken over the world of gay porn. We've already seen Tool Academy alums Stew, Dan & Tyler on Straight College Men. This week's update is Big John. John's body is probably a lot closer to the performers that we're used to seeing. He's uncut and after an extensive interview strips down and gets off.




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February 13, 2010


You guys loved his video from earlier this week and here's another


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Weekend Porn Roundup


You guys couldn't get enough of Reese Rideout & Eric Pryor's live show on Randy Blue. Now these two superhotties are teaming up for a hardcore action scene. It's obvious that Eric is really excited to be working with one of the biggest stars in porn and he gives Reese's rock hard tool the oral attention it deserves. Sixty-nining with Eric gets Reese so worked up he can't wait to top him. The video is full of tons of hot fucking and boths studs really get into pleasing each other. You gotta stick around until the end to watch Reese blow all over Eric's ass before Eric shoots a big load all over his own body.



Sean Cody has had a lot of success lately pairing up their newbies for their first sex videos. Texas stud Tommy has only done two scenes with a guy and this is Troy's first time doing anything. Watching Troy devour Tommy's huge tool you would never know he was a cocksucking virgin. Tommy trys to be gentle fucking Troy's hole, but you can tell he's a power top. After lots of hot pounding Troy ends his first man-on-man experience covered in jizz. Make sure you check out the bonus video with tons of behind the scenes goodness.



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