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Daily Dudetube


I've been a big fan of model Tyler Lough since my buddy JD Ferguson shot him back in 2008. Tyler and his naked body are part of the new campaign for women's clothing compant XOXO. You can check out a video of Tyler in all his glory on their website. Warning for you guys skiddish around naked ladies, there's a lot of boobs in the video.


Here's a shot of Tyler showing how well he can fill out a pair of calvins



I have to admit that while I loved Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely's initil arc on Batman & Robin I didn't dig the arc drawn by Philip Tan as much. I am really liking the current storyline drawing by Cameron Stewart and featuring Batwoman as well as British superheroes Knight & Squire. Issue # 8 is in stores today. Also out is a brand new mini series X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back featuring some of the younger female X-Men from the Runaways team of Kathryn Immonen & Sara Pichelli. If that's not enough comic goodness you can also pick up new issues of Daytripper, Secret Six, Ultimate Comics: Spider-man, JSA: All-Stars & New Mutants. And make sure you pick up Super Friends #24 drawn by friend of the blog J. Bone.

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loving batwoman in detective comics too and totally think that dick grayson as batman was inspired. not to mention the old titans being in the new justice league. speaking of which have you seen the gay porn JLA comic done by an artist "iceman" a while back really fun. great blogging as always. always love the porn but your taste in conics and pop culture too


the XOXO video looks like a cheap porn. Such a waste of using the amazing Tyler! :(

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