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February 15, 2010



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Monday Porn Roundup


There's not doubt that blond hottie Josh has become one of the hottest powerbottoms at Corbin Fisher. In his latest video this CF superstar is teamed up with one of my favorite new guys Mario. This darkhaired stud takes the lead stripping down Josh and swallowing his rockhard tool. There's tons of hot grinding as the guys rub against each other and Mario's cock gets closer and closer to Josh's hole. Mario starts fucking Josh on his back and then flips Josh over to really pound him. It's so hot to watch Mario blow his load in Josh's mouth and then watch Josh lick his tool clean.


February 16, 2010



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Daily Dudetube


There's a lot of guys who are big fans of Davey Wavey who runs the blog Break The Illusion. Maybe it's his life affirming content of the fact that he's pretty much half-naked all the time. Davey was recently in Australia and posed for the cover of AXN Magazine. I've seen some of Davey's long lost Manhunt photos and was hoping this shoot would feature some of those attributes.



Everyone had a great time last week in Dudetube Group Chat. We'll be having another organized get-together tonight at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time. Don't worry if you can't come until later, they usually go pretty late. So head on over to the Dudetube Chat Room and I hope to see you all there.



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Big Brother Australia: Jamie

I know it's been 4 years, but I still can't get enough of Jamie

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Tuesday Porn Roundup


Trevor Yates has one of the biggest cock at Bel Ami and that's saying a lot. You might remember him from when he doubleteamed the Peters Twins. Trevor and his enormous uncut tool are paired up with dark haired hottie Colin for a great hardcore video. Colin trys to fits as much of Trevor's meat as he possibly can. Trevor really gets into sucking Colin and fingering that tight hole. Colin takes that giant dick like a champ and both studs end the video with a mouthful of jizz.



Blake Mason has a belated Valentine's treat for all of us. Fan favorite Adam is back on the site with one of their most popular new discoveries AJ. Adam goes to work sucking AJ's thick uncut cock. The guys sixty-nine and Adam pays extra attention to AJ's hole. As Adam enters AJ he asks "how do you like it?" to which AJ simply replies "just go for it..." Adam shows off his powertop skills and AJ ends the video covered in two sticky loads.


February 17, 2010



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Daily Dudetube


I have to admit that I haven't been following the olympics at all, but maybe I've been missing out. Check out these shots of bronze medal winner Bode Miller in his blue skintight suit that leaves nothing to the imagination. If you come across any more great Olympic bulge shots send em my way.



Last month's issue of Captain America has been getting a lot of attention from the conservative media. The storyline featured the right wing terrorist group The Watchdogs (created in 1987) infiltrating the Tea Party movement. People have been taking issue with some of the protest signs shown in the issue (quoting actual tea bag signs) and the implication that this movement isn't welcoming to Black people. This isn't the first time Bubaker has tied a Captain America story into current events. Back in 2008 he implied that the supervillain Red Skull was behind the current economic crisis. Issue #603 is out today along with new issues of Blackest Night: Flash, Uncanny X-Men, Joe the Barbarian, Dark Avengers & Justice League of America. New collections out today include Kick-Ass (destined to be the next big superhero movie) and DC Universe: Origins (collecting the 2 page origin stories from 52 & Countdown).



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You guys really liked their action video from earlier this week


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Wednesday Porn Roundup


Levi has been a great addition to the Corbin Fisher family. It's so great to see this gay stud teamed up with CF superstar Dawson. The guys can't wait to strip each other down and start sucking each other's cocks. Dawson really gets into working over Levi's ass with his mouth and fingers. Levi gets so turned on when Dawson teases his hole with his cockhead. It's obvious that Levi loves getting fucked and Dawson is able the hit all the right spots. There's so much hot action that CF had to split the video into two parts. You gotta stick around until the end to watch Dawson blow in Levi's mouth and then lean down and kiss him.



Both Chaz and Travis have done a couple vids for Randy Blue but they've never worked together. It's so hot to see these two built studs go at it. There's lots of kissing and sucking before Chaz breaks out a dildo. Travis really goes wild getting his hole worked out and before you know it he's begging to get fucked. Chaz really pounds Travis and both studs deliver impressive loads.


February 18, 2010



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Thursday Porn Roundup


I'm totally in lust with Bel Ami's Kris Evans . You might remember he was one of the "Dudetube Dude's of 2009". In his latest scene this tall hung stud is teamed up with the super sexy Jean-Daniel. The action starts off with a footrub and before you know it Jean-Daniel is unleashing that beast in Kris' pants. The guys spend time sucking each other's big uncut cocks and the Kris goes to work eating Jean-Daniel's hole. Kris is a great top and before you know it Jean-Daniel is jizzing all over himself. Kris fucks him some more before Jean-Daniel takes his load all over his face.



Alan is one of Sean Cody's latest hot discoveries. For his first hardcore action video he's paired up with one of my all time favorites Kurt. Alan isn't shy at all about making out with Kurt and sucking on his big cock. He really gets into eating that hairy ass before he slides his dick inside. I've seen Kurt get fucked a lot, but I don't think his tool has ever looked bigger then when he's getting pounded by Alan. The studs fuck in tons of different positions and Kurt ends the video covered in jizz.


February 19, 2010



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Weekend Porn Roundup


For their latest update Corbin Fisher has teamed up two brand new studs. James and Nicolas have never done anything with another guy and it's obvious that they're a little nervous. After some hesitant kissing the guys swap blowjobs and even do some sixty-nining. All that oral action helps the guys lose all their inhibitions and blond Nicolas goes to work topping Nicolas. These two really get into fucking and end the video with two hot loads.



It's been a while since we've seen superhung UK pornstar Matt Hughes. He's found his way to Englishlads and straight stud Anthony. Anthony's definitely intimidated by Matt's size, but he's willing to give it a try. He takes his time sucking on Matt's enormous uncut cock before he asks him to just "put it in". It's so hot to watch Matt top with his giant tool and Anthony ends the video painted in cum.



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