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Daily Dudetube


Scott Herman has done a pretty good job exteneding his 15 minutes beyond MTV's The Real World. Ethan Says dug up these ridiculously hot shots of Scott taken by Michael Tammaro.



X-Factor hits issue #200 today. Madrox and the gang move to NYC to become the premiere private investigators in the Marvel Universe. Writer Peter David has made this consistently one of my favorite titles and it's perfect for fans of offbeat superhero stories. I've also really been enjoying J. Michael Straczynski's run on Brave and the Bold telling timeless team-ups with some of DC's popular and obscure characters. Issue #30 featuring Green Lantern and Doctor Fate is in stores now. If that's not enough for you new issues of Batman: Streets of Gotham, X-Force, Justice League of America, Fables, Astonishing X-Men, Ex-Machina, and Dark Avengers are out today.

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Haichi machi! I never thought I'd regret not watching MTV since the 90s. Where the hell has this guy been all my life? I watched some of his youtube vids after seeing this, and he's just a total cutie, with a sexy Boston accent to boot. *sigh*


We could be so lucky...


By the looks of it, the next stop for Herman is gay porn.

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