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Pretty man with the wedding ring, eating ass like I have never seen, nice ass too, and love the normal cock he sucks!


rimming and blojobbing in front of the Pulitzer Book

The kind of diet I could stick to!


And what a beautiful hairy ass to eat!


This is an egregious violation of library policy. And you boys know what I am talking about.
At 1:02 there is a Starbucks Coffee Cup on the shelf. This is unacceptable. Do not bring outside beverages into the library. Now throw that away, and you can continue your in depth research.


Judging from the shelves...McKeldin or maybe upper level Hornbake?

Way to go dude! Wanna see the top's face next time!


Coincidently there's a book on Pulitzer on the shelf above his head. Definitely give this boy an award on ass-eating.


The random things you learn about your neighbors.

fuck yeah, i love public sex like that and an enthusiastic ass eater...damn that boi wanted to bury his head up that studs ass


What a hot dude! He clearly loves men! It's like he wants to eat that guy alive. Hungry and HOT!


The dude getting sucked is nice looking. Nice to see vids with guys who have cocks my size.


ass muncher:

Dang! That boy's hungry for some ass! Never seen a more enthusiastic ass muncher.

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