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More Big Brother James! UPDATED!


More of Big Brother James' porn past has been uncovered. First we discovered he had been in a solo jerk off video. Then he was performing dick tricks in the BB house. This time he's not playing with his big meat alone. James is paired up with cutie Skylar. There's tons of kissing in the video and before for you know it James is sucking off Skylar! Yes you read that correctly. This isn't just a serviced video, James sucks Skylar off as well. You can check out a preview of the video on the DirtyBoy site.


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whats so funny is that i used to watch previews and was one of my first gay websites i went to when i found out i was gay. I had stopped watch big brother but mom still did and didnt he like stab is girlfriend in the back by kicking her out the house, lol, he got stab into someones back.

i am glad you did not cut james just because he did a gay video. I just wish everyone in the house knew the whole story. could be intresting!


Aw... I was hoping the carpeting matched the pink drapes...


He's got a nice dick.....I'd suck it...LOL


Woof! Love that big thick vein covered cock on James in the preview video. Maybe his motive for getting on BB9 is not just for the money. He probably got a boner at the thought of being locked up in the house for months with several other guys . Maybe his "porn past" is actually his "porn present". I wouldn't mind getting some of cute Alex myself!


Well...they certainly have something to talk about in the BB house now don't they!


I wonder if he warned his Mom about this. Or the network.


I know the guy who has Cum all over him! This is crazy! lol So I know Alex from BB b/c i saw him at the auditions and I'm conected to James through Adam(boy with cum on him) lol!!

I LOVE that you've found all this! LOVE it!

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