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Big Brother James' Porn Past!


This season on Big Brother is definitely full of suprises. First we got a supersexy gay guy who ending up leaving the house after the first episode. Now it turns out one of the straight guys on the show has a gay porn video in his past. Tattooed cutie James appeared on the site SpyOnDudes before entering the BB house. James looks pretty hot in the video and is sporting an impressive cock. He even shows off his ass and can't stop playing with his low hanging nuts. You can check out the full video of James getting off at SpyOnDudes.


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I would love to see somebody get Johnny from Paradise Hotel 2 to do some porn. STUD!


The other gay guy did leave because of a family matter. Joshuah got to chose which of the two first evicted people (the couple who were ex's in real life) he wanted to have as a partner on the show. Since everyone hated the guy, he picked the girl.


I think James just did the J/o video for money. on the live feeds, he's trying to hook up with his partner, Chelsia.

What I want to know is where did you get the picture of James in pink American Apparel underwear?


James did the "Pink Slap" on Saturday night's Showtime, where you hump naked back and forth with a lot of force and catch you dick and balls between your legs protruding out the backside. It was great. He says he's got great big balls. Anyone get a video or link of it?


Neil (the other gay guy) left after the first eviction. Not sure why...yet. Sharon, female member of first couple evicted was brought back in. This has not been shown yet and may not be shown until Tuesday nights CBS episode.


Neil, the other gay man on BB9 left for a "family emergency". One of the first two that were evicted, Sharon, was chosen by Josuah to replace Neil.

By the way, last night (Sat.) James stripped down in the hot tub, got out and did a little "dance", letting his cock flop back and forth. Beautiful!


if you read the internet blogs or watch the feeds, youll see that neal left the show for 'personal reasons' and josh then chose sharon to come back in...youll also see that james already did a striptease in the house and showed his pickle...plus this season a lot of sex is going on in the house..dont know if theyll get into it on the tv broadcast tho - jen & ryan had a quickie in the bathroom and natalie has been blowing matt under the covers...


The gay guy Neil left due to a family emergency.


I think it will actually happen tonight. Neil had to go home because of a family matter.


I knew James wasn't 100% straight. lol!!! and someone please fill me in on the gay guy leaving??!?!?!!


hey always gave me a gay vibe. He looked a little feminine to me


What do I have to do to see this whole video?? I'm a HUGE Big Brother fan, and the voyeurism in me is REALLY getting to me.


Hmm... Why do you say that *a* gay guy left after the first episode? I just watched the first two episodes and two people left, a straight couple (because the guy cheated on the girl; they knew each other before the show). As far as I can tell, the two gay people on the show are still there and nobody is leaving the house until this Thursday.


He and other on the show has remarked that he is Bi about six time now. Need to watch the live feed


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