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Jeremy Lory



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I flew from Amsterdam to Houston yesterday (17 Mar) and I think Jermey was on the plane. VGL guy who after I got my luggage I remembered was Jermey. I am hoping he sees this and tells me if it was him or not. lol KLM Flight 661.

I love Jeremy Lory, but does he seem a little tweaked in this video? He also looks a lot skinnier than usual.


I agree with one of the above posters...It's hard to see the action due to the couch he's on and the color of his skin...and yeah, the lighting..Jeremy is a good looking guy, a little thin for my taste. The hair cut looks good on him but he could without the frosting. Seems like it's taking him longer and longer for the money shot so he may want to try a didn't technique.


And, he wore me out trying to get off!


Finally back after 2 weeks computer crash!

I agree these videos should be more to the action and less on the models self centered showing off.


Hey DoomSwitch,

My question is not where to find these guys, but do they ever eat?

I know I'm swimming against the tide but I am not a Jeremy Lory fan. Personally, I think the new Narcissus is overly impressed with himself. With buffering the clip lasts almost 30 minutes.

As a film critic I have to say that half an hour is a long time to be stuck in the narrow color spectrum between wheat and tan. I don't think Ingmar Bergman could get away with that. And it takes him five whole minutes of admiring himself before he does something interesting. (The ice cube!)

Yes, he's handsome enough with a beautiful body and a big dick. There is no question that he is an Alph Male but he's not articulate enough to take advantage of the fact. Or else he's afraid to offend his audience. Go ahead and call me "queer!" or "fagot!" I wouldn't have made this site a "favorite" if it weren't true.

When I was his age I was pretty enough that he'd be after me for a date. I judge people by their personality. If he expected me to service his ego, he'd better have some damn fine weed!


Last time I saw this guy in person was Teletech in Tucson. Had to be...2003 or 2004?


Where are guys like these?!?! wtf.. am I even on the same planet? rawwr.. Maybe if I put a video up too they will come to me..

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