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Daily Dudetube


These days it seems like we've seen every reality tv star naked. It turns out that one of the contestants on the new Bravo cooking show Chef Academy has a porn past. Emmanuel DelCour was prolific straight porn star Jean Val Jean in his past life. He's gotten rid of his Fabio hair but I'm not sure his apron can hide that huge uncut cock. You can check out some short previews of his work at Porn.com.


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kinda looks like Craig Horner from the side. Wish it were him!! O_O ... ^_^!!


The guy did some porn so what?? And he can cook! What else do you want? Leave him alone people big whoop he's a nice guy.


He can really shoot a load, love the way his meaty foreskin rings around the cockhead.


I was lucky to have an encounter with Emmanuel :-)


OMG...you guys are missing the point. This is hot white dude "Chef's Academy" bang'n some booty. It dont' get any HOTTER than this. + have you checked out what this dude is packin? This boi is Hot!! Dang I'd love to be that girl.

Every Gay Man's Dream.


So much hate for straight porn. Some people are way too sensitive over what turns them off. Chill out. It's just a pussy...

"naked women a boner killer" C'mon, bodies are bodies and while i may not be attracted to the female figure to go as far as call it a 'boner killer' seems a bit extreme, if a little precious.


agreed about the condom thing...


OH! if it is'nt bad enough we've had to look at tits in the past now pussy too. To each their own but I thought this was a gay site? This site is still great, but naked women are a boner killer for me.


I was sorry when this blog went "condom only," but I respected the choice. I'm sorrier to see what looks like a double standard for straight porn.


Hmmm..... I had noticed the bedroom eyes and the seductive glances. Thanks for confirming that I wasn't imagining that!

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