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Seems like taking naked pictures of yourself in the mirror is all the rage these days. Whether you're an A-List Oscar winning actor or a gay contestant on a CBS reality show. I'm hoping this trend continues and feel free to send me ur naked mirror pics anytime.



PURE--iphone - m4m (Pure)
Date: 2009-08-15, 4:07AM EDT
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I made out with you upstairs tonight and then my iphone went missing. If you took it, please return it to me cause it is my work phone. I will pay you $100 as an award and more. I liked you and I think you will love what I have to offer. I am well endowed and would love to make out with you again cause you are a hottie, and I need my phone back. I promise I will make it worth your while. I just need the phone back. Please respond, I won't hold anything against you cause I wanna make out with you like a rabbit. You will love it, I promise.

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I am only one to generally comment privately to friends about guys I think are hot man candy.
I have also dated some stellar looking guys since I came out to and happen to be a good-looking dude myself. But WOW!
I think this guy Steven is beautiful. Forget somebody like Jessie on BB. Steven is hands down the most adorable guy I have ever seen! While I generally don't do this I will seriously have to objectify him!
If that's ok with him!
For those that wish they could see the whole package. It's not necessary. Use you're imagination. I am sure it's as perfect as it is from the waist up.
A kind-athletic-intelligent-educated-community helping-rodeo eventing-dog loving-man/lady killer of a man. My heart just skipped a beat! It really did! I think my legs got that weak feeling to. JC.


Steve, did you ever replace your pick-up, and you should have been the one that drove away in the camaro and not the other guy last year.



The other guy looks like Big Brother contestant Steven Daigle.


who is the white guy?? he looks familiar...


the black guy is jamie foxx.... not sure bout the other guy tho


The black dude is Jamie Foxx; apparently his lawyer inadvertently revealed it was him after claiming Foxx had the sole rights to those private photos and threatened to sue.


Who is the CBS gay contestant?


sorry but who is the black guy taking a pic of himself????

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