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Daily Dudetube


One of the big questions about the Watchmen movie has been about the character known as Dr. Manhattan. The blue character with almost limiteless powers spends most of the graphic novel naked. It's still unknown how this will play out on the screen, but the latest Watchmen trailer shows Dr. Manhattan in all his glory. No word on whether the package is CGI or modeled on actor Billy Crudup.


Brazilian supermodel Edilson has hit the cover of DNA magazine. You can check out tons more Edilson at Made In Brazil.


Funny lady Niecy Nash stops by The Bonnie Hunt Show today and Bonnie & Niecy take on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Bonnie's impression of Kim is killer.


I spotted you on bench press at WSC tonight - m4m - 27 (20th & I)

Reply to: pers-925033579@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-11-18, 11:06PM EST

You were wearing a white t-shirt, blue shorts, definitely nothing underneath! When you got up off the bench, you farted and apologized, blamed it on the soy protein shake. We kept making eye contact for an hour while we each did our gym routine. We hit the lockerroom and showers at the same time, I was in the shower stall across from you, I heard you fart yet again! As I bent over to dry my feet in front of my locker, I glanced at you and you were checking out my ass. Would you like to check it out more closely, say at my place? Despite the farting, I think you're hot :)

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i literally just got home from the midnight showing of the movie
there are only about 6 scenes of Dr. Manhattan in which you DONT see him completely nude.
in every single scene other than those two, you will see him in the full nude.
so for those of you who might not like that, i would not recommend this movie

David brown:

God, that's priceless. One of my favorite Internet pass times is looking at the crazy 'Missed Connections' on Craigslist!


I can't wait til Watchmen comes out. Loved, loved, loved the comics.


Is this going to be an ongoing thing? I love reading these new Hot Mess posts!


Oh my God you have to come out with a book or at least another blog of "The Hilariously Horny and Horrible: A Collection of the Sickest, but Funniest Craigslist Posts".


No, you won't be seeing Manhattan nude. I've seen show him in a black banana hammock, and the action figure featured here: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3126/2714233562_07159404ea.jpg?v=0 has him in one as well. You may get to see some ass before he covers it up....

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