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One mighty nice piece of meat


My ex mike had a cock just like him except it was a little thicker... the one issue i have with cocks like that.. is they face downwards instead of point up and my H(G) spot is up not down so they tend not to do much for me, i prefer a 6 or 7 incher that is rock hard and points up.. that ushally makes me cum without touching myself! LOL But a lovely cock all the same.. just thought id mention

jo mama:

Everyone has to have a redeeming quality. I was graced with good looks and an average cock. He got a huge cock to make up for his average looks.


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!! What a monster!!!!!!!! Smack me, hit me, gag me, fuck me with that cock boy!! Can't wait to see the load that shoots out of that piss hole!! Love to go for a long "ride" with you!! Feel it way deep inside me!!


does he have to take his pants to the tailor's to have the crotch let out to accomodate that spectacular piece of meat???

Man, I could be smacked around with that cock on a Daily Basis! :)


Dammit!! God short-changed me! I was supposed to get his cock, and he was supposed to get mine! :)

Mike Maz:

holy crap that is hot......Im soooooooooo tossing off to this


Oh my.... the boy got talent.....

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