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April 20, 2008



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April 21, 2008




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Daily Dudetube

Hey guys, it looks like some of the videos are acting up. Just click on the LINK below the video screen. This week is my birthday and I'm away from Dudetube Central for awhile. Everything should hopefully run smooth and I've got some great suprises for later this week.


So last night's Rock of Love 2 reunion show was pretty uneventful except for the Daisy/Heather throwdown. I definitely wasn't fan of Daisy so I didn't feel too bad to see her get pounded. You can check out Daisy's as well as Heather's interpretations of the events on the VH1 blog. Heather talks about another reality show that she's already filmed. Charm School 2 perhaps? UPDATED: It looks like Heather's new show will be I Love Money and you can read all about it HERE.


I have to admit that it's been a long time since I watch Survivor, but I guess the writer's strike got me hooked on this season. The last two eliminations have been awesome and it doesn't hurt that I have a wicked crush on contestant Erik. This Midwestern cutie with the David Cassidy haircut might not have a chance at winning the game, but I think he's adorable.



This past weekend was the NY Comicon and there were a bunch of big announcements. I'm pretty excited about James Robinson's upcoming Justice League title. The series will star Hal Jordan, Green Arrow, Supergirl, Batwoman (!) and Mikaal Tomas (the blue Starman). Can the world really handle two gay characters on one superteam? It was announced this weekend that Mauro Cascioli (Trials of Shazam) will be the series artist.



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Daily Dudetube


Evan Wadle (Wade) has become the new face/package for B*Boy Underwear. He's looking amazing in these shots and you can check out a bunch more at the B*Boy site.



Adam Hughes has produced this new poster for DC entitled "The Real Power of the DC Universe". Despite the fact that he put the lesbian (Batwoman) in pants, I really dig the whole vibe of the piece. Has a very Annie Leibovitz Vanity Fair feel.

April 23, 2008

Daily Dudetube

OK guys, I'm going to be pretty much computerless for the next couple days. But don't worry, I've put together a sort of best of package for all you readers. Just click any of the buttons below and you'll be transported to something I love. Some of them are cool, some of them are funny and most of them are superhot. They include some old favorites and some never before featured stuff.Hope you all enjoy and check back tomorrow for more goodies.

O4.jpg O5.jpg O9.jpg O15.jpg O20.jpg
O14.jpg O21.jpg O29.jpg O28.jpg O25.jpg
O3.jpg O32.jpg O22.jpg O52.jpg O31.jpg
O46.jpg O26.jpg O59.jpg O60.jpg O48.jpg


Mighty Avengers hits stores today by the creative team of Brian Bendis & Alex Maleev. Bendi & Maleev are responsible for one of the best Daredevil runs in recent history and I can't wait to see them take on this Secret Invasion tie-in. The story centers on Nick Fury and kicks off right from the end of Secret War. Bendis & Maleev have long planned a Spider-Woman run and these issues should be a nice preview of what we can expect.

April 24, 2008

Daily Dudetube

I hope you guys are enjoying these best of features. Just click any of the buttons below for an old favorite and some new stuff never before featured on the site. I also wanted to thank everyone for all the birthday well wishes and especially the guys who got me something off my wishlist. I'm headed back to civilization tomorrow, so regular updates should begin then.

O1.jpg O8.jpg O2.jpg O10.jpg O11.jpg
O6.jpg O16.jpg O17.jpg O12.jpg O13.jpg
O18.jpg O7.jpg O19.jpg O23.jpg O24.jpg
O44.jpg O57.jpg O58.jpg O51.jpg O53.jpg


I so want Lee K. for my birthday! These gorgeous shots were taken by Rick Day. You can check out the Red Models Blog for more of Lee.




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This hottie is definitely becoming one of my new favorites.


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Daily Dudetube

I hope you guys have enjoyed this little best of experiment. Maybe it's something we can incorporate into the blog on an ongoing basis.

O27.jpg O30.jpg O33.jpgO34.jpg O56.jpg
O35.jpg O38.jpg O36.jpg O37.jpg O39.jpg
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