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Daily Dudetube


Michael Phelps better watch his hot speedo ass beause there's a new hot swimmer getting a lot of attention. Ryan Lochte was shot by the amazing Bruce Weber for the latest issue of VMan. Here's another shot of Ryan showing off a nice package.



I've been waiting for this since the final issue of 52 and now Earth-2 is officially returning this summer. Geoff Johns, Alex Ross & Jerry Ordway are taking Power Girl back to her reality in the summer's JSofA annual. I'm exicted to see Helena Wayne and the Infinity Inc. crew. You can read all about Earth-2 at Newsarama.

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In Geoff John's hands, I know this is going to be good. The Alex Ross teaser image is brilliant. It just adds to the excitement. This is everything that's fun from the old, but pushing it forward so it's not just lazy nostalgia.
Chris, remember that the JSA we're reading about now aren't on Earth One, they're on "New Earth". Earth One has never had a JSA. The post-Crisis DC earth wasn't Earth One, but a single merged earth.
This of it as rich and complex, rather than confusing. This could be a whole lot of fun!


I was really hoping that sometime between Countdown and Final Crisis that the JSA who reside on Earth 1 would get transported back to Earth 2, the same with all the other alternate Earth heroes. It would be nice to spread the stories out more. Not sure how I feel about two different JSA and Infinity Incs running around. Seems confusing.

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