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April 30, 2007



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You Love Jack: Charlie & Danny


Did any of you catch hottie Charlie a couple weeks ago on You Love Jack? Charlie is the perfect combination, a cute nerd with a big uncut cock. After Charlie's smoking solo he's back with his best friend Danny. The guys are roommates and fuckbuddies and most importantly Danny can take Charlie's huge dick. In the latest update you get to see the guys messing around with Charlie topping Danny. The video ends with Charlie blowing his load all over Danny's face. Check out all the fun @ You Love Jack.



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Daily Dudetube


I was checking out the latest issue of GT and saw a feature on artist Ed Luce. I love this paper doll of his Wuvable Oaf character. Has his own LiveJournal where you can check out more art and purchase his new limited edition Oaf t-shirt.



We'll be seeing a lot more of supercutie John Krasinski this summer. The hottest Dunder Mifflin employee will be lending his voice to Lancelot in the new Shrek the Third. He also trades Dwight & Pam for Robin Williams & Mandy Moore in the comedy License to Wed.


Another super hot week of Dudetube Snaps. If you haven't shown off what you got yet head on over to the sidebar and turn on your cam. Great to see CitizenDangerX and Highjackd.

May 1, 2007



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Daily Dudetube


Jo Chen just released her cover to Buffy #6 featuring everyones 's favorite slayer gone bad Faith. I've really enjoyed the new Season 8 series from Dark Horse so far. It's great to have Whedon writing these characters again. The second arc will feature Faith and will be written by one of my favorite comic book writers Brian K. Vaughan.


Veronica Mars returns to the CW tonight after Gilmore Girls. These might possibly be the final episodes of the series. Rumor has it that series creator Rob Thomas (not that Rob Thomas) is thinking of pulling an Alias if there's a fourth season. It would jump forward a few years with Veronica now attending the FBI academy. Veronica is one of my favorite new series in the last few years and I highly recommend picking up seasons 1 & 2 on DVD. Check out this supercute video of Kristen Bell & Chris Lowell interviewing each other.


Big thanks to Pete who got Howard Roffman's Texas Twins off my Amazon Wishlist for my recent bday. I gets lots of emails from readers offering to help support the blog financially especially since I started hosting the site myself. Thanks for all the kind offers. If you feel like giving back check out my wishlist. Getting items off there really keeps me motivated. Thanks again Pete.

Sean Cody: Parker & Cole


Cole is a married guy with a kid who is definitely curious. He secretly bought a Sean Cody membership and totally fell for Parker and his low hanging nuts. Who can blame him? Parker is handsome as fuck with a killer tight body and hot big cock. So Sean decided to hook Cole up. One fib about a business trip later and this married man is getting plowed by Parker. After a hot fuck session Parker blows his load all over Cole's ass. Parker's so turned on he can't resist licking his own load off his fingers. Check out all the action @ Sean Cody.




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May 2, 2007

Daily Dudetube

I'm am so fucking excited about Kelly Clarkson's new video, new single and new album!


The last issue of DC's weekly series 52 hits the stands today. While the series didn't totally fill in what happened during the missing year post-Infinite Crisis, it did tell a great story starring non A-list characters. It gave us a new Question, turned Black Adam into a well rounded badass, killed Elongated Man, made Booster Gold a hero, let Steel shine and there were also 3 characters in space for some reason. I'm excited to see Mike McKone's art in issue #52 and hopefully finding out who/what the 52 are.


Lance Bass is allegedly dating hottie/web designer Mark Johnson. Check out Mark's MySpace page. Meanwhile his ex Reichen has joined the cast of Dante's Cove. I've never seen the show, but I might have to tune in if Reichen will be in scenes like this:

Blake Mason: Mike & Tristan


Tristan from Blake Mason is totally my latest crush. He brought an amazing performance out of my boyfriend Adam during last month's 4 Way Fun. This time he's back with hottie Mike. Tristan's passion and playfulness are immediately noticeable. It's obvious he's having as much fun with these studs as we would. In this video there's plenty of hot sucking before Tristan tops Mike. The scene gets so hot that Tristan ends up gobbling down all but one drop of Mike's load. Check out all the fun @ Blake Mason.


May 3, 2007



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Daily Dudetube


So DC's 52 ended yesterday with the revelation of the new megaverse. I really liked a lot of things in this issue as it tied up Booster/Supernova, Question/Batwoman and Ralph/Sue's stories. I loved sneaking a peek @ the other universes. I would love to see and Earth-2 JSA mini-series. I also snagged the latest issue of Whedon's Astonishing X-Men yesterday. I just love the way Joss does character interaction and John Cassaday is turning in some of the best art of his career. I really hope Armor sticks around once they're gone.


I thought I had seen every sexy picture of Jake Gyllenhaal but then I found this gem while surfing around.


It's nice to see that some of the Spice Girls are finding work:



It's not secret that Fratmen is one of my favorite sites out there. They have some of the most beautifully shot solo vids with the hottest guys online. Another feature of the site is live webcam shows most nights. These hot shows get archived so you can watch them over and over again. I love going through the archives and watching the newest guys along with past favorites. Check out all the action at Fratmen.




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May 4, 2007

Daily Dudetube


Anyone else a little confused by Superman's history with the Legion after JSofA #5? I went back and reread a bunch of the Post-Zero Hour issues where the Legion got trapped in present day (during the whole Final Night event). Even in those issues Superman seems to remember the pre-crisis Legion. I wonder if this also means that Superman's adventures as Superboy are in continuity as well?



Hottie Chris Lowell's future on Veronica Mars doesn't seem to good. Last night he premiered as Dell, the sexy surfer/receptionist, on Grey's Anatomy. The two-hour episode set up Kate Walsh's spin off based in an LA wellness center. I'll really miss Piz, but at least I'll have shirtless Dell to keep me company.



I'm not entirely sure what KCTV is but I had fun surfing around the site. There's lots of great contributors including UK hottie Julian Ganio. I'm not usually into guys in panties, but i'll take him anyway he wants.



There are a couple of hot new updates on JizzAddiction. First up is a superhot photo set of Billy. We get to see this cutie strip down, show off his hot body and cock and blow his load all over his chin. There's also a new video of the amazing Jeremiah. I've seen a lot of porn but I've never seen someone jerk off into a condom blown up like a balloon. Jeremiah jizzes all over the inside of the balloon and then swallows down every drop. Check out these guys at JizzAddiction.


May 5, 2007

ChaosMen: Adam & Race 'Brothers'


It's been really fun watching Adam's sexual exploration chronicled on ChaosMen. We've seen him go from solo to serviced to sucking and from toys to topping to taking it. Since Adam's had such a fun time trying new adventures, this Texas stud thought his brother Race might like to get in on the action. Race is Adam's married older by six years half-brother. Bryan set the guys up to do a side by side jerk off. They'd seen each other naked plenty of times over the years and even shared a couple of the same girls. You'll have to watch the video to see how far these brothers push their boundaries. Trust me you won't be disappointed. Check out all the action at ChaosMen.



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