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May 7, 2007



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Daily Dudetube


Another superhot week of pics over on the Dudetube BloggerSnap. Love seeing all the faces and other body parts. If you haven't shown off yet or want to show off again head on over to the sidebar. You can always check out all the snaps at the Dudetube Snap Gallery.



I spent a lot of time this weekend surfing around and checking out a bunch of blogs. I always love cheking out Soliloqueer and reading what Dave's thinking about. Besides having an awesome site, Dave was instrumental in getting DudetubeOnline off the ground.This blog would honestly not be what it is today without him. So big thanks to Dave and check out his kickass site.


I'm also a huge fan of CitizenDangerX and love checking out his blog to see what he's up to. This weekend I also stumbled on Mikey's blog The ReD Room. Mikey's a total hottie and I had a lot of fun finding out more about him.


I picked up the first issue of Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters in the dollar bin this weekend. I'm a big fan of Daniel Acuna's work. I was suprised to find this hot drawing of the new Ray unwinding after a mission.

Blake Mason: Mark W & Zak


Mark W and Zak had been very vocal in the Blake Mason forums about wanting to be paired up in a video . Maybe it's all those steamy nights out @ Heaven in London. Lucky for us their dreams have come true and now we get to watch these studs go at it. There's lots of hot oral in the video before Mark takes Zak's big cock. Both guys end up shooting big loads and it definitely seems like this pairing was worth the wait. Maybe next time Cameron can join in. Check out all the action at Blake Mason.


May 8, 2007



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Daily Dudetube


DC's new weekly series Countdown premieres tomorrow. You can check out an 11 page preview on myspace. The preview features Darkseid, Mary Marvel waking up from her coma and Duela Dent facing off against the Red Hood. I'm not sure how this Duela lines up with her recent appearances in Teen Titans. It's interesting that Duela tells Jason: "I may be from a neighboring earth, but I have to maintain my bad girl cred..." What earth is Duela from? I'm sensing more Earth-2 hijinks.


I didn't watch all of this season of Amazing Race: All-Stars but I liked what I saw. I think combative cousins Charla & Mirna need their own reality show. I also think winner Eric needs to ditch his "girlfriend" Danielle and get naked for us boys.

When I was driving home from work last night I was thinking a lot about Melinda Doolittle. She's the only reason I've watched Idol this season. Well not really watched, but fast forward through on Tivo. I think Melinda is the best singer in the competition, but I'm not really sure what her chances of winning are. Honestly looking back I haven't been excited by any of her performances for awhile. That's not to say they aren't sung great, but I just haven't been hooked by anything besides my dislike of the other contestants. I do have to say that her performance of "Since You Been Gone" during week one is my favorite of anyone this season and I love her version of "Home" too.

May 9, 2007



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Daily Dudetube


The latest issue of New Avengers hits the stands today. I have to say that is one of the most enjoyable series I'm picking up these days. I think Bendis is doing a great job introducing this new team and really making their different personalities shine. It doesn't hurt that Leinil Yu is turning out amazing art issue after issue. The first issue of Countdown and the lastest issue of New X-Men are also out today.


The latest issue of Out magazine features a great spread shot by the amazing Matthias Vriens. I'm a total magazine whore and can never get enough. If any of you want to hook me up with comp magazines I'd love it. I'm actually trying to hunt down issues of Pref magazine without much luck.


Sean Cody: Woody


Sean Cody found superstud Woody bartending at a local club. This Chris Evans lookalike was very interested in Sean's job had tons of questions. When Sean told him that compensation was based on a model's "attributes", Woody leaned forward, unzipped and showed Sean what he was working with. A week later Woody was in the studio stripping down and blowing a load for all of us. Besides having beatiful blue eyes and a tight athletic body Woody is also sporting a super suckable thick cock. I hope Woody got paid for every inch. Check out all the action at Sean Cody.


May 10, 2007



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Daily Dudetube

I'm not sure which country this Big Brother clip is from, but it's nice to know that morning wood is universal. Big Brother Australia just started so hopefully we have some Jamie worthy nudity this year.

Fratmen: Caleb


Fratmen has a new stud up on their site. Caleb is a supercute gymnast who loves showing off his hot ass and big cock. In the video Caleb miks two big loads from his big suckable balls. Check out this behind the scenes video HERE. Caleb has also done a live Fratmen.tv show which is archived on the site. Check out all the hottness at Fratmen.


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