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April 8, 2007



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April 9, 2007

Daily Dudetube

I was so sad that I missed Dick Wolf's moving sale while the blog was down. Luckily it looks like Dick was able to raise enough money to launch his new website and get his new comic book printed. I can't wait to see the finished product. There are still some items left, so if there's still a chance to get some of Dick's goodies if you missed out


I've become obsessed with Bravo's Top Chef and watched all of season two last week. I'm completely in love with host Padma Lakshmi. She's definitely one of the women I would switch teams for. Besides being India's first supermodel (watch out Janice) and a tv host, Padma's also an actress and cookbook author. She also has one of the sexiest scars.

I'm so excited about the upcoming JLA/JSA crossover that will also involve the Legion of Superheroes. First there was the revelation that Doctor Destiny was holding Dream Girl captive in Arkham Asylum. Then in last week's JLA #7, Batman discovered that Val Armorr, the Legion's Karate Kid, was the man inside the Trident suit. It will be interesting to see which version of the LSH will be involved in the teamup. Both the original team and the post-zero hour interacted with the modern DCU and recently Supergirl has been hanging out with Mark Waid's reboot team.


Big Brother

BIG brother
Video sent by scotch2006

April 10, 2007



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Daily Dudetube


David Petersen's Mouse Guard is one of my favorite non superhero series in recent memory. Recently I found this piece by David recasting DC's big two as mice. Mouse Guard will be out in hardcover later this month and is definitely worth picking up.

It seems like the Spice Girls are making a comeback with Melanie Brown allegedly having Eddie Murphy's baby last week and Posh becoming a fixture of the US entertainment magazines. Melanie C (Sporty) is also back with a new cd. I actually liked most of Mel C's post Spice musical work. Her new album has a cover of "I Want Candy" (complete with camp video) and power ballad "When You Believe".


I haven't been watching the CW's Supernatural, but everytime I see hottie Jared Padalecki I reconsider. If only he were in bed with Jensen Ackles, then I'd tune in for sure.

Boyride: Jace Returns


I had to look back through the Boyride site because I couldn't believe that I didn't recognize hottie Jace. When Jace first appeared on the site he was pretty clean cut, but now he's back scruffy and hotter than ever. Jace shot his vid right after winning a rugby match so the first order of business was stripping out of his gear and washing the dirt and sweat off. After a steamy shower we get to see this jock slip out of his towel and stroke himself for us. Jace ends up blowing a big load all over the bathroom mirror. Check out Jace's vids and tons of other hot guys on Boyride.


April 11, 2007




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Daily Dudetube


Tonight is the finale of Bravo's Top Design. While I don't really care if Matt or Carisa wins I'm really going to miss the visual experience that is Kelly Wearstler. Kelly was a little subdued last week, but she definitely didn't disappoint the week before. Maybe Bravo can give her her own reality show where we get to see her decided what to wear and how to style her hair. Oh and I guess I kinda want Carisa to win.


I have to say that I'm totally loving the latest issues of New Avengers. I love the new lineup and Leinil Yu's art. Bendis is telling the story of how the new teamed formed, their confrontation with the Mighty Avengers and their adventure with Echo, Elecktra & the Hand. This seems about as far away from decompression as you can get. Issue #29 is out today. The new issue of New X-men is also released today. It starts a new storyline featuring the possible return of Magik and the debut of new penciler Skottie Young along with Niko Henrichon providing backup.



Christina Aquilera is featured on the cover and in the pages of the latest issue of Nylon magazine. I'm not sure I'm digging her look, but it's nice to see her out of the 1930's. I've been listening to Herbie Hancock's Possibilities the last couple days and I can't get enough of her singing "A Song For You".

Fratmen: Leo


Right before Blogger deleted my site I did a whole post of hottie Leo from Fratmen. Leo is one of those great guys who I've gotten to know through doing the blog and he's a total sweetheart along with being a sexy stud. On Fratmen they have an archive of the live shows seperated by guy. I had a fun morning looking through hours of Leo. Check out tons of Leo and all the other studs on Fratmen.


April 12, 2007



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I just couldn't resist posting this.

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Daily Dudetube

because the love you save today may very well be your own

Kylie showed up in Shanghai to launch her new swimwear line for H&M. I think she looks fucking gorgeous. Kylie is also going to be featured in the ads for her new line. It so good to see her come out the other side of her battle with cancer.



DC has released Michael Turner's cover for JLofA #8, the first part of the JLA/JSA/LSH crossover. I looks like the final panel of JLofA #7 was right and Karate Kid will be showing up. For you non comic fans Karate Kid has nothing to do with the Ralph Macchio movie Karate Kid, Well I guess they both do karate. That's definitely not the Karate Kid costume from Waid's current run, so it's really looking like this might actually be the pre-crisis Legion. One of the notable things about the pre-crisis Karate Kid is that he had his own series that took place in the 20th century.



Poor Davis got punched by superdrunk CT on the premiere episode of MTV's RW/RR Challenge: Inferno III. I was completely bummed by the underlying homophobia of the whole situation. I still think Davis looks adorable even with a black eye. You can read Davis' account of the incident on his Inferno Blog.

April 13, 2007



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Daily Dudetube

give me that sunday school answer repent yourself away


I wanna give a big thanks to all the guys who turned on their cams to break in the BloggerSnap feature this week. I love seeing all the hot guys who check out the blog. If you like to show off head on over to the sidebar and share your hottness. You can always check out all the snaps in the Dudetube Snap Gallery.


Iron Fist has gotten a lot of good comic time in the last few months first posing as Daredevil, then starring in his own acclaimed series and joining his old teammate Luke Cage in New Avengers. This bootylicious drawing of Danny Rand is from the great JJ Kirby. It was part of an Iron Gelatomettista, basically an Iron chef art competition on the great Gelatometti Blog. The blog is a collection of artists who are friends of some dude named Jim Lee showing off their work.


I think that Brenton from Aussielicious is one of the hottest bloggers out there. He posted this great pic of 5 versions of himself showing off a bunch of Ginch Gonch briefs he won in a contest.

April 14, 2007

Sean Cody: Harley


I have to say that it's been quite awhile since I checked out the Sean Cody website. Sean Cody was the site that introduced me to "amatuer" porn and I have to admit I was addicted to the site in the early days. I was surfing around today and this stud caught my eye. One membership later and I'm completely in love with Hartley. So what if he's straight, that handsome face, tight body and huge uncut cock more than make up for that. There's a whole bunch of Hartley on the site including him getting his first bj from a dude, gotten his ass eaten and fucked 3 different studs. Head on over to Sean Cody and check out this hottie in action.



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