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This clip isn't violent, it's just rough play. Not really my thing but alot of men are into that. As long as all parties are willing, have at it. I found the most disturbing thing about this video was that gawd awful music.


I am an adult and free to express my opinions. The last thing we need in this Community, World is advocation of violence. I've been visiting this website for over a decade and it has never advocated this level of violence. Im sorry but this is not ok and I will not visit the "internet" in china. How about, instead, we let extreme taboo stay within the community that appreciates it.


Bubba, to you, it's violent. For many here, it's just rough sex. Something enjoyable for those inclined. Try to keep an open mind and don't be so certain that your point of view is a good basis for censorship. You're an adult, if you don't like it, look away. If that's not enough, maybe you'd prefer the Internet in China.


I have to agree with bubba you smack me i'll bite your dick off


Sorry but I think the violence is completely inappropriate and shouldn't be advocated on this site. Very disappointed in this.

Jeffrey R Ray:


Deep Voice:

Being the perv I am I liked the spit and the slapping!


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