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Let's kick off the weekend with a brand new edition of DUDE/ƎᗡUᗡ. Here are some of my favorite selfies that I've collected from bouncing around the web. Click on the images to see them in a larger size. If you'd like your own mirror shot featured on the site send me an email.




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a lot of nice looking guys with impressive " Man Meat" 1 and 9 catch my eye the most

Deep Voice:

Good eye mrbill! You picked the ones who are showing their souls. I agree about the husky guy, too, people put presser on themselves because they think everyone should look a certain way. But...

I have noticed a shift in the sensibilities of men in regard to their penises. The husky man isn't showing his bravery by showing his body, he is there showing off his cock and it's a beauty! He has seen for himself there are guys with better bodies but with half the dick! It's all about penis!

Men around the world are now coming out of the closet and admitting they masturbate. The shame is clearing up like fog. We should all take pride in ourselves because we are men!

I brotherhood of bators is taking shape and men are seeing their freedom and solidarity in the pleasure and self-love all men can share. It's called male bonding in some circles. And there is no lack of circles to join bators!

Men are even starting to realize variety is the spice of life. And there is no accounting for what turns people on. Believe me! Oiy! Much of it is extreme on one end of the spectrum or the other.

I'm just watching the tide rise. The number of bate sites is staggering! For the first time in history we have global access to total depravity. Cheers, brothers! Choose your fetish!

Jeez! I must love to type!


I like the 6th guy - sort of chubby - because he has enough confidence to do this, even though he's not gym built, shaved, trimmed or otherwise prettied up. The rest of 'em are just pretty though, particularly No 1 and No 4.

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