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Me jerking off powered by XTube

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To have a full beard at 19 is quite something but I suppose that's the advantage of being Spanish.

Deep Voice:

Is he really 19? He looks 23 at least! I guess it's the beard. But the lad seem to be all about the numbers. I'd say 8.5" it's HARD to tell with that slight hook. He's giving his right arm a workout! I've become a lefty; I need my right hand to work the mouse, grab the drink and when rarely around a huff or a toke.

Someone suggested Lard and it's good lube; smooth, long-lasting, all-natural, odorless and CHEAP! Anyway, this guy could have size fifteen feet! That's also HARD to tell due to the rather odd perspective.
I've gotten into feet in my dotage as well as foreskin and what CUMS with it.

Those balls certainly got a workout. Jeez! Watching them bob up and down is mesmerizing! But, I'm sorry, I do not understand the jewelry. Granted, I know I'm old fashion. Christ! I may as well go in drag as Claire Dratch and close up shop!

BUTT, Babe, I'd know you were a pig without the nose ring. It takes one to know one and sometimes I amaze myself! Ah, well, gentlemen, there are times being solosexual is not only the only option but also the wisest one at hand.

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