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Beyond awesome!!! And no, not just the wonderfully prolonged J.O. session or even the double cum shots, but the man himself --- What a great masculine face and body -- hairy is hotter than hot --- and a cock that defines what being hung just right means. And a thumbs up back to you for sharing such a moment and for the site moderators for posting it.

Deep Voice:

Matt, I'm surprised you posted my rambling. I was very drunk when I wrote it!

gray hunt:

go crazy for a double shooter ! a real man can do that and the second load is always so sweet.
think of me next time taking that first load then begging for that second hot,sweet shot.

Deep Voice:

I want to know who did the sculpture in the background? But I agree with hairyboy1977. What makes me pause is if hairyboy was born in 1977 that means I'm old enough to be his father! Jeez! I'm almost old enough to be his grandfather! That's frightening! Inside I'm still 23! Maybe 28 (that was a very good year!) When the Marlin Beach was still open in Ft. Lauderdale.

I just recently joined Xtube as "deepvoice1949" and if any of you jokers want to see what I looked like at various stages of my career check out my profile page. I may look like a violin but I sound like a deep, mellow cello! I make women wet with just the sound of my voice and have been told my many men I give the best phone sex in the country! Yes, I'm bragging!

But that is why I don't understand why these guys don't understand the importance of a sexy soundtrack! I can still get it up and keep it up if given a good reason!


Wow! Double cumshot! Love the faces he makes.

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