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December 16, 2013

Studies on Hysteria


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Monday Porn Roundup


Cutie stud Justin Owen is back at Randy Blue. Lance Luciano is the lucky hottie paired up with this horny newcomer. These two have instant chemistry and Justin can't wait to get at that thick uncut cock in Lance's briefs. Lance gets a chance to service Justin before burying his tongue deep in that pink hole. I love watching Lance go to town pounding away at Justin's tight ass. Justin ends up blowing his load while riding Lance before taking a mouthful of this top's jizz.



MEN.com is launching a new series "Hotel x" and I'm so excited that they've convinced hottie Jay Roberts to star. Jay looks incredible in his suit and he's checked in with hunky stud Dato Foland. It's such a turn on to watch Dato swallow that impressive uncut dick before rimming Jay's muscle ass. Dato bends Jay over a chair and really lets loose fucking this incredible bottom. Jay shows off his skills riding Jay and ends the video totally drenched in his own load.




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Dudes of 2013: Levi Karter

From now until New Year's Eve I'll be sharing some of my favorite Dudes from the past year. If you're feeling nostalgic you can check out the Dudes of 2012, Best of 2011, Dudes of 2010 & Dudes of 2009.


It's hard to believe that it's been less than a year since we were introduced to Levi Karter. This CockyBoys exclusive made his debut back in January. Levi has followed the path of Jake Bass & Max Ryder to quickly become one of the most popular models on the site. His sexiness is obvious, but Levi is also a realy sweetie. He offered up an uncensored look at his life in the documentary "Fuck Yeah Levi Karter". Levi made his action debut as part of the RoadStrip series where he bottomed for Jake Bass. He also flip-flop fucked both Jett Black & Hayden Lourd.





Levi was reunited with Hayden for threesome with Ty Roderick & he also had a threeway with Zach & Asher Hawk. I loved seeing Levi in the incredible "Boys To Adore Galore" where he got to show of his deep-throating skills in a group scene with Bravo Delta & Jett. Levi's latest video paired him with one of his porn idols, Pierre Fitch, for a memorable fuck. Levi has been a fantastic addition to the CockyBoys family and he's been a part of some of the hottest videos of 2013.






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December 17, 2013



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Bel Ami: Roger Lambert & Adam Archuleta


From the entire month of December Bel Ami is releasing 31 brand new hardcore updates. That a never before scene fuck scene every single day. I just couldn't resist sharing the latest starring Adam Archuleta & Roger Lambert. Once you hear the interviewer asking Adam questions there's no doubt that it's Lukas Ridgeston behind the camera. It's very obvious that Adam is excited to get his hands on Roger's super-thick uncut dick. The guys really get into blowing each other before Adam delivers a rimjob that Roger won't forget anytime soon. I love seeing Roger with his legs up in the air, Adam pounding away at that smooth ass. Make sure you stick around to see the messy load Adam sprays all over Roger's face.




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Dudes of 2013: Tommy Defendi

From now until New Year's Eve I'll be sharing some of my favorite Dudes from the past year. If you're feeling nostalgic you can check out the Dudes of 2012, Best of 2011, Dudes of 2010 & Dudes of 2009.


Tommy Defendi has been making porn for over 5 years and in 2013 he delivered some of his hottest yet. I'm a sucker for Tommy's hairy tight body, beefy ass and super-thick cock. And when Tommy's sporting a beard there's no way I'm resisting this sexy stud. This year Tommy starred in incredible videos for Raging Stallion, MEN.com, Naked Sword & CockyBoys.


Tommy kicked off the year getting double-teamed by Andrew Stark & Rocco Reed before topping Dale Cooper in an unforgettable scene. Dale & Tommy reunited for a threesome with Colby Jansen & he even was the first guy to top Colby as part of the Top To Bottom series. I loved seeing him in the group finale of Golden Gate & his flip-fuck with Colby Keller was the perfect start to Dream Team. In Timberwolves he fucked Adam Ramzi and he totally dominated Jimmy Fanz in Hole. One of my favorite Tommy vids of the year was (If) which explored passionate possibilities with Anthony Romero as part of the Porn Haus series. There was tons of Tommy to get off to in 2013 and I can't wait to see what's to come in 2014.




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December 18, 2013

Dudes of 2013: Justin Owen

From now until New Year's Eve I'll be sharing some of my favorite Dudes from the past year. If you're feeling nostalgic you can check out the Dudes of 2012, Best of 2011, Dudes of 2010 & Dudes of 2009.


Justin Owen got his start on sites like Dylan Lucas, but his career exploded once he hooked up with Randy Blue. From those puppy dog brown eyes to that killer body, Justin is guaranteed to push all my buttons. I keep watching Justin's solo video over and over. I love seeing him fuck his FleshJack and finger his smooth ass. Justin was front and center when Randy Blue launched their latest series Welcome to LA. He delivered an incredible performance fucking Diego Sans and I can't get enough of seeing Justin's pretty face covered in cum.



Justin's LA adventures continued in his fuck with Austin Wolf. It was great to see Justin paired with a big beefy guy like Austin & I loved his facial expressions while he got pounded. He also got to bottom for superstar Chris Rockway who loved fingering Justin's tight hole. Justin's latest video had him paired up with Lance Luciano for a passionate fuck session. It's such a treat watching Justin reach his potential and I hope you guys enjoy his work for Randy Blue as much as I have.






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CockyBoys: Colby Keller & Ricky Roman


This week CockyBoys is delivering an early Christmas present with their latest superhot video starring Colby Keller & Ricky Roman. These two have wanted to film together for a long time and the passion is palpable. Ricky was definitely curious about Colby's penis pump and they guys have a lot of fun using it on each other. Once pumped to capacity, Colby really lets loose pounding Ricky. We all know Ricky's one of the hottest bottoms out there and I just love seeing him ride Colby. You gotta stick around until the end to see the two massive loads that drench Ricky's built torso.




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December 19, 2013

Tumblr Thursday


It's that time of the week again for another Tumblr Thursday! Here's some of my favorites from this week of the Dudetube Tumblr. If you head over to Tumblr you can see the images in their original sizes and find out who posted them.






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Dudes of 2013: Kevin Warhol

From now until New Year's Eve I'll be sharing some of my favorite Dudes from the past year. If you're feeling nostalgic you can check out the Dudes of 2012, Best of 2011, Dudes of 2010 & Dudes of 2009.

© Belamionline.com

Kevin Warhol has been working for Bel Ami since 2010. He's always been one of their hottest models, but this year Kevin really came into his own. He was front and center for all of the website's major releases and even got a chance to work behind the camera. His 2013 kicked off with his directorial debut, a foursome with Kris Evans, Manuel Rios & Sascha Chaykin.



Kevin got to work with US hottie Mick Lovell in the popular remake of the classic An American In Prague. I love seeing him team up with the rest of the Kinky Angels and their two scenes with Kris Evans were so fucking hot. Kevin pulled out all the stops in Forever Lukas where he bottomed for porn legend Lukas Ridgeston. The culmination of all of Kevin's work this year was his 24 Stud Orgy which stretched into 4 videos with two additional documentaries.




Kevin also crossed over this year to star in two major released for CockyBoys. He showed up in the finale of RoadStrip where he took on both Jake Bass & Max Ryder. I loved seeing Kevin top both of these tattooed studs. He also starred in "Talk To Me" with fan favorites Colby Keller & Jett Black. This innovative release had Kevin fucking Colby before they both double-teamed Jett. There's no doubt that 2013 was a banner year for Kevin Warhol and I hope you guys enjoyed his work as much as I did.




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December 20, 2013



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Dudes of 2013: I Want Your Love

From now until New Year's Eve I'll be sharing some of my favorite Dudes from the past year. If you're feeling nostalgic you can check out the Dudes of 2012, Best of 2011, Dudes of 2010 & Dudes of 2009.


As someone who looks at porn for multiple hours a day, I'm fascinated by the intersection of sexuality and popular culture. That's one of the reasons I'm a huge fan of Travis Matthew's film I Want Your Love. NakedSword presents this gay indie drama which combines explicit sexual content with some of the complexities of modern gay life. The New York Times has described IWYL as "A conscious effort to take back gay sex on film" and The Guardian called it "A welcome shift in queer cinema... an embrace of the real." The movie follows Jesse (from the IWYL acclaimed short) as he spends his last weekend in San Francisco before moving back home. I love the way that writer/director Travis Matthews has taken the honest approach we expect from Independent films and applied it to the sex lives of modern gay men.


This year Travis Matthew's also got tons of attention for his collaboration with James Franco Interior. Leather Bar. which premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival. Franco has been very vocal about his support for I Want Your Love in response to the movie being banned in Australia. I'm so impressed by the way the film balances it's touching story line with some of the hottest sex scenes I've seen on film in a long time. If you're a fan of the intimacy that real-life encounters can deliver then you're going to love the honest and erotic moments in IWYL.


If you want a taste of what the film has to offer, check out this Casting Video. Three of the men featured actually were cast in the film. You also might recognize smart and sexy porn star Conner Habib.

I've spent a lot of time watching I Want Your Love this year and keep sharing it over and over with friends. With your NakedSword membership you also get access to tons of amazing videos from studios like Falcon & Bel Ami as well as their incredible original productions like Dream Team & Golden Gate.



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Weekend Porn Roundup


MEN.com has a had huge success with their "Top To Bottom" series. So far we've seen Paddy O'Brien, Liam Magnusson, Charlie Harding & Colby Jansen lose their cherries on the site. Now it's Topher DiMaggio's turn to bottom for the first time courtesy Lance Luciano. The action kicks off by the Christmas tree with Topher servicing Lance's hard uncut cock. Before you know it Topher's thrown Lance's legs up in the air and he's fucking that sweet muscle ass. When Lance blows his load riding Topher the guys decide to switch things up. I love seeing Topher watch himself in the mirror as Lance slides his thick tool in that virgin hole. Topher takes his pounding like a champ and I hope we'll see more of this built stud bottoming in the future.



This week NakedSword is launching their brand new series "The Mix". Hot couple Christian Wilde & Felix Warner head to the woods to celebrate with friends before their wedding. It's obvious that this pair is turned on by the idea of fooling around out in the open where anyone could see. Christian gets to work deep-throating Felix's ass before eating out this blond's hot ass. It's such a turn on to watch Christian top and he really goes wild fucking this horny bottom. Felix gets a chance to ride Christian's rock hard cock before both of these hotties blow their loads. Stay tuned because there is a lot more great action to come from NakedSword's "The Mix".




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