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Shia LeBeouf Naked in Sigor Ros Video


Transformers star Shia LeBeouf has a big surprise for all his friends. Icelandic band Sigor Ros has just released their latest video which features the actor. In “Fjögur Píanó” Shia stars as one half of a troubled couple and ends up going full-frontal for the video. Director Alma Har’el was given $10,000 and complete creative freedom to produce the video. The director said the nudity wasn't pre-planned but occurred organically as part of the 5 day project. Shia told Playboy back in 2009 "I'm not extremely well-endowed". Big thanks to Stephen for the tip.


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He has a great body and a beautiful penis!

OMG, love him with beard... :P

david plante:

he's one of my favorite young Actors and he has nothing to be ashamed of in the cock dept. might want to do some trimming though


His nakedness is just a footnote to what the film is trying to say. In fact if he were more endowed it would be a distraction


Good job Shia! Gosh, I think he is so hot and his cock is fine! I am sure it grows! lol!

JP Colter:

He's a young guy but I love his personality. He doesn't censor himself much. He's also hot in theses pics. I'd do him in a heartbeat,

Shia LeBeouf:

I do not his personality that much.

but it takes balls to do that. some might take cheap shots at him for doing this.

I think he looks great, nice look overall


He looks great!! I like the pubes. :)


He's complained about having a small dick - it looks perfectly nice to me, and he obvioulsy has a big 'ole set of balls. Nice he's not shaved as well.

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