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If you squint he looks like Rupert Giles from TV Series...Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Steve D:

that just leaves my jaw on the floor. I mean that would do a number on anyone's jaw. i wonder he doesn't pass out from all the blood it takes to fill that thing. i've seen smaller flagpoles. Ok I'll stop now. thanks for posting.


Man -- does that Man Mean That!!!



I wonder the same thing.
And what about future employers and relationships.

I am more concerned with those who are victims of the trolls on chat sites that record the cam session of some guy and then upload the video on to sites like xtube without the person's knowledge.

Criminal exploitation, if you ask me.

Yes, that cock speaks for itself. I think I could even make it sing! With a dong that big he's not embarrassed, he's proud! I don't know what his family might think about his performance on the internet, but I think his co-workers would be lining up to do him in the supply closet!


WOW!!! i am not into hairy men but what a cock and that cumshot!!!!! well i am drooling and wet.


Love the fur..and the cock speaks for itself. I often wonder what these people who show it all online do for a living? I mean what would happen if their work associates or family saw these videos? I know I would die of embarassment. But, good for them for being so brave :)

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