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Great vid, real sexy!


One of Dudetube's best! The white boy's bubble butt was perfection: two shapely melon halves. Yummy. Wished the vid was longer.


These 2 guys are so f'in' HOT that my laptop shut down TWICE....overheated! The first time was just after the white guy, panting and thrusting, jet-streamed his cum onto his buddy's body. The next time, we made it to where the black guy was pointing his massive plumped-up pecker at me, and the lava-hot cum was firing...my throat was open to drink it in...and boom! The screen went blank again. Thanx for the awesome, affectionate show!


That was hott...I almost got a boner from it...both guys bodies were good and their cocks were even better...very nice.


Beautiful! Really HOT! How great it is to see some honest-to-goodness gay sex instead of all this phony, choreographed and mindless gay-for-pay stuff. Both these guys have great bodies and beautiful penises! This gave me a major boner!

If this has a flaw it is too tasteful and polite!


Fucking hot. And filmed in a Restoration Hardware store display...


Absolutely the hottest coupe video you've posted in a rreally long time. keep it up!

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