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Big Brother Nick Naked

Back in the summer of 2007 I was obessed with CBS's Big Brother and hunky contestant Nick. We got to see a lot of the studs naked that summer, but somehow Nick managed to evade the cameras. Now some revealing mirror pics have hit the web and they were definitely worth the wait.


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I have met him before his brother was a teacher of mine in high school!


I loved looking at Nick his season. He had some gay looking photos on his myspace or facebook that were soon taken down after he got out of the BB house. Anyway he is still a hot guy!


This guy is totally pathetic, first purposely dating other cast members to get attention, now this.

Personally, I think his twitter account got hacked. Bu if this is the case, I'd like to know why he has a twitter account photo like this in the first place.


You are right it WAS Brendan how silly of me! Anyway, Rachel is still a skank! :P I want to see Brendan's pics too!


ariessun68: Rachel was with Brendan four years after Nick's season.

Do your homework before you make yourself look like an idiot.


Rachel didn't sell Nick out, he's from a different season---i can hardly remember him though---like his penis, he's pretty forgetable.


So, I'm guessing he and Rachel are no longer together and she sold these to someone? Skankified biatch that she is I wouldn't doubt it.

On a lighter note, I am REALLY glad she did! He is so damn hot! That body makes my loins ache.


thank god for iPhones ;)


nice one! :D

definitely worth waiting!

I wish I had a big brother like that! Jeez! Thou and I in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love! Woof!


Shiiiiiiiiiittttttttttt. That's delicious. Thank you wherever you are, Nick.

I assume just these two have leaked? You wouldn't be holding out on us, right Matt? :P Thanks for posting this though, since it wasn't allowed on Just A Dream.

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