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Gay Porn Past of Dustin Zito From The Real World


So on this weeks's episode of MTV's The Real World Dustin Zito's gay porn past finally got revealed to his roommates. Of course regular Dudetube readers have known about Dustin/Spencer's time with Fratpad/Fratmen since back in 2006. I feel like I've covered this story to death, but if you've missed anything from the initial rumor, first trailer & photos, season premiere all the way to Dustin's attempts to cover-up and disort his past (with a little homophobia thrown in for good measure. I'm sure MTV will drag this storyline out as long as possible, so I'll keep you guys updated as more hijinks ensue.



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This is worst than Simon Rex!! At least he only done solos. Thanks MTV


Keep resposting the clips of him havingoral sex and esp anal sex so we can see in full his total hypocrisy and homophobia in real action.

His personality on Real World so far has been a total douche and a-hole jackass so its not really surprising to see his homophobia added to the mix. I dont think he comes across as likeable in the least


This is a preview of the next episode, airing April 27th.


Clearly there is some scripting going on here. In the phone conversation, wouldn't you expect the guy to say AND IT WAS GAY PORN.


Spencer is disgusting. He's one of those self-hating gays/bisexuals who does shit because it's fun and feels natural, then tells everyone else that he'd "never do that" and that it's horrible or whatever. He's a classic, case 1 homophobic homosexual. And it's really, REALLY sad. If he had just hidden his porn past? Whatever. That's totally understandable. But the statements he released? And the homophobic comments? NOT okay.


I believe that is actually a clip from next weeks episode, they teased it at the end. Should be interesting to say the least! I can remember watching him on Fratpad and thinking he was cute!

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