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Fratmen Spencer as The Real World's Dustin Zito


We're six episodes into MTV's The Real World XXV Vegas starring former Fratpad/Fratmen star Spencer. I haven't really discussed Spencer/Dustin's time on the show since I was asked to remove certain content from my site by the folks behind Fratmen. On this week's episode one of the roommates left the show and Dustin reacted badly to the idea of a potential gay male replacement roommate. He made homophobic statements about being afraid of a gay roommate smelling his underwear. He's says that over time he's apparently developed a paranoia about gay men approaching him. You can watch the video HERE.


Dustin also gave an interview with Ology where he misrepresented his time in the Fratpad. About the beginning of the webcam site he said:

"...I was one of the original cast members. So going into the Fratpad… nobody knew where that was gonna go. The first month there, I didn’t even take my clothes off. It was one of those things that was gradual. For the first month, you kinda just scope out the situation, chatting with the members. And then the bar gets raised. And over time, you get a comfort level of what’s going on. A lot of people think it was just one of those things where I threw all my inhibitions into the wind. It wasn’t… It was a gradual thing I grew with."

The Fratpad open in the middle of June 2006 and by the first week of July 2006 Dustin had left the site. So that's doesn't even provide him with the month of time he describes. I also have screencaps of Spencer naked from that time period which refute his non-nudity for the first month claim. He returned to the site a few months later and in the interview discusses a video with fellow model David:

"The video that I did with David, the one that’s a big deal… it was mainly because we had never done anything like that before. It was always solos; we’d never done a “duo? scene. And my boss came in and said he wanted to do one but didn’t know who would do it. And at that time, I had been there for a couple years and I was like, you know what? I’ll do it because I wanna see the company grow."

I'm not sure if he's referring to his Fratmen video with David where he performed oral sex in Australia or his private Fratpad pay-per-view duo where he both topped and bottomed. The later happened in September 2006, not quite the "couple years" that he describes. The Australia video was also filmed in Fall 2006. None of these are huge issues, but they contribute to a narrative that Dustin is selling downplaying his porn past. He even goes on to say "I’m not trying to cover anything up" but that is in direct contradiction to Fratmen demanding the removal of all hardcore content from multiple websites. Andy Dehnart from Reality Blurred interviewed Real World producer and creator John Murray for an upcoming feaure in Playboy who said:

“I think he’s talked with the site and his former employer, and I think he may have been working with them to try to get some of it taken down. But I’m not really involved in that, and I don’t know specifically if that’s the case, but that’s sort of generally what I’ve heard.?

It looks like Dustin wants it both ways. While he's actively working to get all of his hardcore past erased, Dustin is still associating with the porn company that started his career. Many industry folks saw Dustin a few weeks ago at the Phoenix Forum. Dustin was there attending the gay porn convention with Fratmen. I'm suprised that this self-confessed panty-sniffer could deal with the anxiety of being around all those gay people. Maybe's he's looking to turn his new reality stardom into a bigger porn career while attempting to brush his hardcore porn past under the rug. Either way his apparent hypocrisy and homophobia are worth discussing. Here's more of Dustin unclothed from those first few weeks of the Fratpad in 2006.


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"Why doesn't he just say he's gay on some level, or that he's bi "

Because in that same interview he says, "I have never had that desire" - why can't we believe that some people do not have certain desires?! This doesn't mean that said people cannot experience, do not experience pleasure from erotic/sexual acts. Desiring something or someone has to do with repetition, with habit, with wanting something or someone in order to remain calm, to remain in homeostasis, to remain "level-headed". Isn't this relationship between desire and pleasure almost always at work in pornography? Between one or more performers who do not find each other the most attractive (or find their co-star to not be their 'type') but who have to work together anyway? And often do they not end up having a pleasurable scene, a plasurable experience?

Why is it that gay people are the ones so fascinated by desire?

Zito asks an important question: are our minds so small that we cannot imagine unwanted and unexpected pleasure in some instances trumping desires and satisfactions; desires fulfilled?


i am a gay and i would love if dustin showed me his cock and had me suck it. I would fuck,suck,eat the hell out of dustin


I wanna suck his cock and stick it in my tight ass


Thats so gay.


I'm a straight female in my 20's, but I love my gays and cannot stand homophobes. He's a lying jackass...but hey...silver lining...it got the website some publicity...right?? :)


man i dont care if he suck some dick back in the day thats his business and i still fucks with him regardless of his past


the guy is obviously bisexual and can't admit it to the public and that is a shame. i'm straight male in my 40's and i don't care what people do. if a guy wants to suck cock, that's fine, i won't like or dislike him for that. i'll judge him on the person that he is. but i guess what they say is true that wisdom comes with age. maybe if i was in my 20's i would have thought different and acted like his roommates. if you ask me they are all a little uncomfortable with their sexuality. there are plenty of reasons not to like this guy dustin, but being gay isn't one of them.


boy u like geting sucked by boys and u like sucking them omfg dude


What website has videos of Spencer


The web site The Sword : link below , has an extensive background on this issue. They originally had links to the Zito bottoming vid but took it down after Fratpad's lawyers issued a desist order. According to a Fratpad spokesperson -the paper work on the guys involved might have has some "errors" -which seemed to imply that there was an age issue. If that is the case, ANYONE who has any copy of that scene could be in a big ole heap a doodoo. Anyhoo-Mr Zito did not seem pressured or coerced to take the peen at both ends and even seemed to enjoy the experiences. His anger and disgust at even the thought of a gay roomie expressed on MTV's Real World is totally in contrast to the chill peen hound shown in his "gay for pay" work. Let's hope that this becomes what is called " a teaching moment" for homophobes everywhere. If MTV does not call him out -we all should stay on this and make sure that the truth comes out -just as Mr Zito came all over his buds.... free and generously and all over the place



"But, he is a young guy, and, if I'm not mistaken, he comes from a pretty tragic, crappy background"

Wow, sam you are the perfect victim.

How about all the people who are young and came from crappy backgrounds who aren't homophobic, or denying they are gay, or bi? Or who aren't implying that gays are trying to agressively sexually abuse him?

We need more people like you on juries, feeling sorry for the cute guy you have a raging boner for.



Not sure how to respond. My first, knee-jerk reaction was to dislike the guy, and to feel like he was being a total hypocrite, and to hope that he gets called on it. But, he is a young guy, and, if I'm not mistaken, he comes from a pretty tragic, crappy background. He may be trying to cover up his past, but at some point, The Real World will be over, and his few months of a slightly elevated fame will be over, and then we'll see what happens. I think he is basically a young, confused guy trying to make his way in the world.


Who does he think he is? Apparently he's made it to the big time or so he thinks, and now he can stop having to pretend to like gays and do gay porn on websites catering to gay men.

I hope they get some queen in there who kicks his homophobic ass or at least claws his eyes out.


Yo, Spencer - Speezy!
What happened to the cool, relaxed stud from FratPad.
Dude, nothing wrong with being gay for pay or bi or just a pure exhibitionist. Just don't hate.

He is only kidding himself. It's a shame he's ashamed. Why doesn't he just say he's bi and be done with it?

First, outstanding post here. And something that really does deserve to be discussed.

Re: "that guy" Its just this sort of guy that seems to do the most damage to both themselves and the gay community. The ultimate repressed closet cases who, once what they want or who they are comes to public scutiny will very quickly throw others under the bus in order to save face. If enough people buy into the truth that there's no loss of face for having had relationships or sex with men, then guys like this wouldn't have to seem so saddeningly conflicted on their identities. It'd be sad if it wasn't so typical.


I cant believe someone who was part of something like frat pad is a homophobe. You have to be either extremely confident in your sexuality or in denial to do fratpad. I think the comment on the real world was a heat of the moment thing. He probably wanted to be in control of his secret while in the house and was afraid a gay person would recognize him. lol


Alot of us over at the site are really pissed off at this guy. He's a POS... and DOES not represent the majority of the guys that come through. Now that he's mainstream he doesnt want anything to do with us. He loves sucking and being sucked by men, never used porn to "help" along the way. Nothing but a liar.


downloaded the David fucking vid off meGaupload. was a live show. guess thats why not on sale




This mythical David/Spencer anal scene is in writeups all over the internet right now, but nobody seems to know where it is. Is there really no place to find this thing? It's not on sale anywhere?


Ew fuck that. He's not even that good looking. Absolutely disgusting homophobe.


He does have an awfully nice cock though!


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