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April 11, 2011



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Monday Porn Roundup


Blond muscle stud Nolan has been a huge hit at Sean Cody. Now this hottie is taking on power bottom Dennis. After some training at the park Nolan & Dennis strip down and hit the showers. It's obvious that Dennis can't wait to get down on his knees and start servicing Nolan's hard tool. They guys head to the bedroom so Nolan can use his tongue to work over Dennis' amazing ass. This video is jammed full of tons of hot fucking as Nolan pounds Dennis in every position he can think up. Dennis blows his load with Nolan deep inside him and then gets his ass sprayed with Nolan's spunk. You gotta stick around to watch Nolan lick up his own cum and then make out with Dennis.



Riley Price is really settling in as Cocksure Men's lastest exclusive model. In his latest video this sexy redhead is bottoming for built stud Logan Scott. These two workout partners are used to pushing each other but this time Logan wants to go a little further. Logan dives in first, swallowing Riley's cock before fucking his buddy's face. We all know Riley has an irresistible ass and Logan takes his time tonguing that hot hole. It's such a turn on to watch Logan's big muscle ass as he jackhammers Riley. Both of these studs have a great time and Riley ends up covered in two big messy loads.




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April 12, 2011



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Daily Dudetube


Australian professional skateboarder & mixed martial artist Jason Ellis has his own radio show on Sirius. He's also a frequent guest on Howard Stern's show which gives him plenty of opportunity to get naked. He previously participated in a "pouch stuffing" contest where he fit 50 M&M's in his foreskin. The other day as part of a contest to see how many clothespins he could fit on his genitals, Jason got felt up by openly gay announcer George Takei (Star Trek's Sulu).



Whether you know him as Adam Coussins, Jon Saunders or David Jones everyone seems to love this UK hottie. In his latest update from Men At Play tis hottie is channeling his inner James Bond in Black & White. In addition to a beatiful photoset there's also a video of David showing off his uncut cock and hairy hole before blowing his load.




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Tuesday Porn Roundup


Hung stud Harry Louis is back on UK Naked Men and he's getting double-teamed by Harley Everett & Drew Brody. Harry looks like he's in heaven sandwiched between these two muscle studs. He eagerly goes back and forth sucking each other their big uncut tools. Drew & Harley spit-roast Harry, taking turns fucking him from both ends. These hotties use and abuse Harry and it's obvous that he loves every second of it.



With out a doubt Nicco Sky is one of the fan-favorote models at Randy Blue. This week he's breaking in newbie Milo Sommers for his first hardcore scene. These two sexy studs have similar builds and look and it's such a turn on to watch them go at it. After some superhot oral action Milo goes to work topping for the first time. It's always such a thrill to watch Nicco bottom and Milo can't get enough of that sweet ass. Finally Nicco and Milo can't hold back any longer and they both explode all over Nicco's body.


April 13, 2011



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Daily Dudetube


Last week photographer Steven Klein made headlines with the first full-frontal shot of model Seth Kuhlman. The photograph was taken for Arena Hommes Plus, but was deemed too sexy for the magazine. Klein's shoot with model Brian Shimansky did make the cover and this NSFW behind the scenes video just hit the web.



I have to say that I'm really enjoy Phil Jimenez & Paul Levitz's run on Adventure Comics featuring the latest class of the Legion Academy. Sometime the expansive cast of the Legion of Super-Heroes can be intimidating, but this focus on a small group of new characters with some great cameos works so well. Also out this week is the latest issue of Uncanny X-Men which brings everyone's favorite mutants back to the Breakworld introduced in Joss Whedon's Astonishing run. I was pleasantly suprised by Kieron Gillen's Point 1 issue last week and the talented Terry Dodson is back on artwork with this issue. If that's not enough comics goodness for you there's also new issues of Justice League: Generation Lost, Amazing Spider-Man, Uncanny X-Force, Superboy, Ultimate Avengers Vs. New Ultimates & Ultimate Comics Spider-Man.



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Wednesday Porn Roundup


The latest update from Bel Ami takes us behind the scenes of a photoshoot with Colin Hewitt & Jacques Briere. The guys start off in speedos that can barely contain their already hard uncut tools. It's such a turn on to watch the photographer pose Jacques & Colin in hot position after hot position. Being in front of the camera really gets these two worked up and they just have to jerk off to release that built up energy. Colin & Jacques really get into stroking each other side by side and both studs deliver impressive loads.


April 14, 2011



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Tumblr Thursday


It's that time of the week again for another Tumblr Thursday! Here's some of my favorites from this week of the Dudetube Tumblr. If you head over to Tumblr you can see the images in their original sizes and find out who posted them.




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Thursday Porn Roundup


Blond cutie Owen has been a big hit for Dirty Boy Video with his solo jerkoff & oral video with Kade. Now this tattooed hipster is back to play around with another sexy blond Branden. Owen loves sucking cock and he can't get enough of Branden's big uncut tool. It's so hot to watch Owen blow his load all over his buddy and then take a mouthful of Branden's cum.



Muscle stud Brodie has quickly become one of the hottest studs at Sean Cody. For his latest video Brodie's taking the cherry of newbie Jeffery. Brodie's big muscles aren't just for show, He's actually able to benchpress Jeffrey at the beginning of the video. Jeffrey goes to work servicing Brodie's hard cock before Brodie gets a shot at eating out that hot ass. It's such a turn on to watch this built stud pound Jeffrey and he even manages to pick him up again for some fucking standing up. Jeffrey blows his load with Brodie jackhammering his hole and then gets Brodie's spunk sprayed all over him.




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Fratmen Spencer as The Real World's Dustin Zito


We're six episodes into MTV's The Real World XXV Vegas starring former Fratpad/Fratmen star Spencer. I haven't really discussed Spencer/Dustin's time on the show since I was asked to remove certain content from my site by the folks behind Fratmen. On this week's episode one of the roommates left the show and Dustin reacted badly to the idea of a potential gay male replacement roommate. He made homophobic statements about being afraid of a gay roommate smelling his underwear. He's says that over time he's apparently developed a paranoia about gay men approaching him. You can watch the video HERE.


Dustin also gave an interview with Ology where he misrepresented his time in the Fratpad. About the beginning of the webcam site he said:

"...I was one of the original cast members. So going into the Fratpad… nobody knew where that was gonna go. The first month there, I didn’t even take my clothes off. It was one of those things that was gradual. For the first month, you kinda just scope out the situation, chatting with the members. And then the bar gets raised. And over time, you get a comfort level of what’s going on. A lot of people think it was just one of those things where I threw all my inhibitions into the wind. It wasn’t… It was a gradual thing I grew with."

The Fratpad open in the middle of June 2006 and by the first week of July 2006 Dustin had left the site. So that's doesn't even provide him with the month of time he describes. I also have screencaps of Spencer naked from that time period which refute his non-nudity for the first month claim. He returned to the site a few months later and in the interview discusses a video with fellow model David:

"The video that I did with David, the one that’s a big deal… it was mainly because we had never done anything like that before. It was always solos; we’d never done a “duo? scene. And my boss came in and said he wanted to do one but didn’t know who would do it. And at that time, I had been there for a couple years and I was like, you know what? I’ll do it because I wanna see the company grow."

I'm not sure if he's referring to his Fratmen video with David where he performed oral sex in Australia or his private Fratpad pay-per-view duo where he both topped and bottomed. The later happened in September 2006, not quite the "couple years" that he describes. The Australia video was also filmed in Fall 2006. None of these are huge issues, but they contribute to a narrative that Dustin is selling downplaying his porn past. He even goes on to say "I’m not trying to cover anything up" but that is in direct contradiction to Fratmen demanding the removal of all hardcore content from multiple websites. Andy Dehnart from Reality Blurred interviewed Real World producer and creator John Murray for an upcoming feaure in Playboy who said:

“I think he’s talked with the site and his former employer, and I think he may have been working with them to try to get some of it taken down. But I’m not really involved in that, and I don’t know specifically if that’s the case, but that’s sort of generally what I’ve heard.?

It looks like Dustin wants it both ways. While he's actively working to get all of his hardcore past erased, Dustin is still associating with the porn company that started his career. Many industry folks saw Dustin a few weeks ago at the Phoenix Forum. Dustin was there attending the gay porn convention with Fratmen. I'm suprised that this self-confessed panty-sniffer could deal with the anxiety of being around all those gay people. Maybe's he's looking to turn his new reality stardom into a bigger porn career while attempting to brush his hardcore porn past under the rug. Either way his apparent hypocrisy and homophobia are worth discussing. Here's more of Dustin unclothed from those first few weeks of the Fratpad in 2006.


April 15, 2011



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Friday Porn Roundup


Trevor Yates has one of the biggest cocks at Bel Ami and that's saying something. Erik Bouna is enjoying his bath when Trevor wanders in to the bathroom with a monster boner. Erik goes right to working servicing that amazing tool and delicious foreskin. The guys move to the bedroom and after he eats out Trevor's ass Erik gets to fuck his face. It's such a turn on to watch Trevor jackhammer that hole and Erik takes that superthick cock like a champ. Erik can't resist licking up Trevor's load before blowing his own all over Trevor's face.



Brent Diggs' return to Randy Blue after three years has been a huge success. He missed a lot of hot models during that break and today he's catching up with the always amazing Cayden Ross. Brent was just 19 when he first appeared on the site, but now he's definitely man enough to take on Cayden. These two dive right into making out and exploring their built bodies. After swapping blowjobs Brent gets busy tonguing Cayden's hairy hole. Cayden's fat tool really bounced around while he rides Brent's rockhard dick. Brent ends up spraying his load all over Cayden's muscle ass and he just can't resist bending down to lick up his own spunk.



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