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December 26, 2010



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Dudes of 2010: Randy Blue's Andrew Stark


You guys first knew him as Corbin Fisher's Ty where he delivered memorable videos with Travis, Dawson, Connor & even his own brother Daniel. In 2010 he was reborn as Randy Blue's Andrew Stark. Randy was able to make this stud look hotter than ever and made use of his equally talented topping and bottoming skills. It's a rare thing when a model is so passionately versatile that you're excited whichever position he's in. Andrew has a bunch of superhot live shows in the archives and was part of the incredible Dirty Secrets series as a dirty doctor treating Trent Davis. Check out tons more of Andrew's hottness after the jump...

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Weekend Porn Roundup


The new orginal series Golden Gate has been a huge hit. The Fourth episode is out now starring Trent Locke, Jeremy Bilding & Christian Wilde. Not only is this Golden Gate's first threesome but it's Trent's first time bottoming on camera.



You guys know that I can't get enough of hottie Jess. In his latest update from Sean Cody he's taking on newbie Steven. You might rememeber Steven from his superhot bottoming scene with Brodie. After some hot making out Steven gets to work servicing Jess' big cock. Jess bends Steven over the bed and gives him a supersexy sloppy rimjob. There's tons of hot fucking in this scene and it's such a turn on to watch Steven's big cock bouncing around while he's getting pounded. Steven ends up covered in jizz and there's no way that Jess is gonna resist licking up all that delicious cum.




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December 27, 2010

Daily Dudetube


You guys like watching straight porn star Cody Cummings push his limits. He's given up his hole to some candy and let Rod Daily grind up against it and now he's moving on to bigger and better things. Check back later this week for the full update.




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Dudes of 2010: Corbin Fisher's Dru


Today's Dude of 2010 is another model who started on one site and then got even better when he moved to another. You first knew him as Sean Cody's Dakota and late last year he was reborn as Corbin Fisher's Dru. Dru has gotten a chance to work with some of the biggest CF superstars including Travis, Josh, Connor & Dawson. Dru is always very passionate and loves making his partner suck on his fingers. He's another guy who is both a great bottom and top and most recently he took the cherry of superhot newbie Glen. Check out tons more of this blond hottie after the jump...

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Monday Porn Roundup


Samuel O'Toole & Rod Daily just launched their own sites, so what better way to celebrate than by sharing Parker London. Next Door Buddies brings these three hotties together for an unforgettable threesome. The action kicks off with Parker taking turns servicing Rod & Samuel. Samuel gets first shot at Parker's ass while Rod fucks his face. Rod gets so worked up that he jumps on Parker's big tool for a ride. The action wraps up with Parker covered in three messy loads. Don't forget with your NextDoorPass you get access to over 11 sites including the newly launched sites for Marcus Mojo, Samuel O'Toole & Rod Daily along with Next Door Twink, Mason Wyler, Next Door Male, TommyDXXX, Trystan Bull & Cody Cummings.



You guys can't get enough of the exhibitionist encounters from Out In Public. We've seen videos in a grocery store, parking lot, truck-stop, pick up truck, gas station, construction site, down by the river and up on the roof. In the latest update Christian Wilde find a hungry cocksucker at the local gas station. The studs find an abandoned rooftop to play around on. It's so hot to watch Christian get his big cock serviced out in the open. Christian bends his friend over and goes to town fucking that hot ass. After some great riding Christian delivers a facial his buddy won't forget anytime soon.




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December 28, 2010

Dudes of 2010: Cody Cummings


Cody Cummings has become to total personification of "gay for pay". I know that can be really divisive among readers, but Cody has used pushing is limits to make himself a huge pornstar. First, I totally connect to his physicality and just looking at pics of him alone gets me worked up. Cody also always delivers in his videos and engages with his partner. Of course I can't not mention the boundary pushing which this year has included some candy play, Self-sucking, a kiss, a crazy threesome and later this week his first toy video. Check out tons more of Cody after the jump...

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Tuesday Porn Roundup


Marcus Mojo just launched his own site and he's kicking things off with hottie Jimmy Clay. They play roommates who work out their problems in the bedroom. Jimmy's mad at Marcus, but can't resist his just out of the shower naked body. The guys end up sixty-nining and Marcus can't get enough of Jimmy's big cock. Jimmy works out all his aggressions while he's pounding Marcus' tight ass. Marcus cums with Jimmy inside him and then gets hosed down by Jimmy's big load. Don't forget with your NextDoorPass you get access to over 11 sites including the newly launched sites for Samuel O'Toole & Rod Daily along with Next Door Twink, Mason Wyler, Next Door Male, TommyDXXX, Next Door Buddies, Trystan Bull & Cody Cummings.




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December 29, 2010



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Best of 2010: Comics

As the year winds down I wanted to share some of my favorite comics of 2010. Hopefully it will inspire you to head down to your Local Comic Book Shop and spends some of your holiday cash.


Creating a successful new comic series is always a challenge. This year brought the end of Ex Machina, so I was looking for a new original title to fill that non-superhero spot. Writer/Artist Jeff Lemire has created an amazing new ongoing Sweet Tooth. The series follows Gus, a human/animal hybird on a post-apocalyptic adventure. Lemire does a great job of crafting a story that is epic, but also has a small intimate feeling. This is another great title to recommend to people who don't generally read comics. The first two collections Out of the Woods & In Captivity are available in stores now.


As someone who grew up a X-Men junkie, I'll probably always pick up the adventures of Mutants in the Marvel Universe. Peter David has managed with X-Factor to deliver a book with some of the classic X-Men magic set within offbeat mystery tales. In the last year Jamie Maddox's team have become the detectives of the superhero universe which has provided plenty of great stories. No one does a better job of writing characters and X-Factor is one of the few mainstream titles that features a gay couple. The current storyline involving Thor, Hela & Pip the Troll concluded this month an the most recent collections are Invisible Woman Has Vanished & Second Coming.


I have to admit that Thor is one of those books that I've never really connected with. There were parts of the recent Joe Straczynski relaunch that I enjoyed, but new writer Matt Fraction has made me really excited about the title. He's managed to mix myth & science and still deliver a compelling read. Following the events of Siege Asgard has crashed down in Oklahoma tand he Norse World Tree has become vulnerable to a deadly threat. Thor is also distrated by the recent death/resurrection of his brother/super villain Loki and the imminent return of his father Odin. It doesn't hurt that Pascal Ferry is delivering gorgeous art with every issue. Only 4 issues of the current storyline have been released so far and all should be available online or at your local comic shop.

There's more of my favorite comics of 2010 after the jump...

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December 30, 2010



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Best of 2010: Tumblr


One of my favorite discoveries this year was Tumblr. I love logging into my dashboard and seeing what new great images are floating around. I have to give a shout out to SissyDude who introduced me to the site and remains one of my favorite people to follow. This is just a small portion of my favorite images from this year, check out tons more at the Dudetube Tumblr.


There's more Tumblr highlights after the jump...

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Dudes of 2010: Bel Ami in South Africa


I couldn't do a Dudes of 2010 and not include the amazing guys of Bel Ami. They has an amazing 2010 and it was impossible to pick just one or two models to showcase. I thought the best idea was to revisit their amazing trip to South Africa. I can't believe they got together 27 of their hottest models for a record breaking jerk off video. Including were of course my personal favorites (and Dudes of 2009) Dolph Lambert & Kris Evans along with Peters Twins, Ariel Vanean, Todd Rosset, Luke Hamil, Trevor Yates, Brandon Manilow & Jean-Daniel Chagall. They then got togther 13 of those superhot studs for an unforgettable oral orgy. The visit also produced a condom-free orgy (if that's your thing) and a gorgeous Kris Evans photoshoot. Check out tons more from this adventure after the jump

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Cody Cummings: Shamless Plug


Finally the video you've been waiting all week (or maybe all year) for is here. Cody Cummings is giving up that amazing ass for the first time to a toy. I've put the rest of the update after the jump because this post includes a real live naked lady. If that's the sort of thing that is going to make you freak the fuck out and send me an angry email then please for all our sakes don't continue reading.

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December 31, 2010



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Dudes of 2010: Sean Cody's Jess


As the year comes to a close I couldn't resist sharing one more of my favorite Dudes of 2010. There was no doubt Sean Cody's Jamie would make the list, but I also had to include his studio mate Jess. This hottie joined Sean Cody this summer and has been delivering superhot unforgettable videos ever since. I love Jess' personality and how much he's into showing off and trying new things. He's become one or my favorite tops to watch and I can't wait to see what he'll deliver in 2011.


Check out tons more of this hottie after the jump...

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Happy New Year's Eve


I can't think of a better way to bring in the new year than with the studs from Next Door Studios. I'm just having trouble choosing between Trystan Bull & Cody Cummings for my midnight kiss. I guess if I can't make up my mind there's always hotties like Samuel O'Toole, Marcus Mojo & Rod Daily to help me out.




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January 1, 2011

Best Of 2010

cc2010.jpg scjess2010.jpg

I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year's Eve. While you're nursing your hangover this weekend, I thought I'd share some of the Best of 2010 posts of the last two weeks. Click on the picture to be taken directly to the update. Thanks to all the readers for your support in 2010 and I can't wait to share 2011 with you all.


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