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Joe Dallesandro



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I just found out why they called him "Little Joe". He's actually a really short guy.


my God! Timelessly beautiful!


The Old Guy is Maurice Bradell, (1900-1989) an ex-pat British writer, actor and art restorer who had appeared in numerous plays and movies in Britain (including "Things To Come") before arriving in the US and settling in the East Village where one thing led to another and he hooked up with Warhol and The Factory, winding up in FLESH and "Women in Revolt."


This is a clip from FLESH, directed by Paul Morrissey in 1968, produced by Andy Warhol; TRASH was 1970, also Morrissey/Warhol, featuring Joe Dallesandro as a heroin addict who is frequently nude but can't get it up.

Other films from the era featuring Dallesandro include, "Lonesome Cowboys," "Loves of Ondine," and "Heat." All are quirky, odd, and brilliant, and at the time were considered outrageous.


This is from Andy Warhol's TRASH. The premise of the film is a day in the life of a whore, played by Joe, and the "old troll feeling up Joe" is one of his chance street encounters. This gent is interested in posing Joe in various classic poses, a lovely excuse for the rest of us to admire Joe's many talents.

No need to be hating so on the old troll. You'll get to be an old troll some day -- if you don't die first.


"Pre- everyone working out at the gym."

And yet look how great he looks!

n meck:

this is from an andy warhol film. forgot the name, but the film focuses on him being a gigolo and this old man pays him to do modeling. at the beginning of the film, there is a sex scene where you can see joe's cock erect.


My GOd....perfection


Does anyone know the context for this old troll feeling up Joe? Was it a documentary or just an excuse to have a gorgeous boy naked when that really was not allowed to be shown? No matter what, he was a beautiful young man.


Ahh.... Joe Dallesandro. So beautiful, and the subject of one of the verses of Lou Reed's Walk on the Wild Side: "Little Joe never once gave it away. Everybody had to pay and pay. A hustle here and hustle there, New York City was the place where. Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side. Hey Joe, take a walk on the wild side."

Pre- everyone working out at the gym.


Joey D was THE boy of the 60s - HEAT, TRASH....Women in Revolt - nice to see this clip

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