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Fratmen Spencer Joins The Real World


Long time readers of the blog know that Spencer is one of my favorite Fratmen. Vevmo is reporting that he is also the latest cast member of the currently in production The Real World: Back To Las Vegas. Spencer was a part of the FratPad from the very beginning and has been a presence in the house for the last four years. He also did an oral video with fellow Fratman Travis, who is now bareback star Parker at ChaosMen.


I dug through my FratPad archive and found 4 years worth of Spencer highlights. You can still watch tons of Spencer in the FratPad Archives.


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he is a fuckin turn off yo i swear i luv jacking of to this dude ! wish he was mine


y cnt yall just leave the poor boy alone. i mean gosh he had to go thru it on the fucking show and it was nvr meant to hurt anyone including him. but it looks like its doing just that hurting him inside so all yall bitches let him be with heather uhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i love you dustin this is what. ive been waiting for!!
It happend WOOO!


anyone know where we can view/download the hardcore scenes with him, not that it's been taken off the site? would love to see him in action!

Stage Name:

@RocknSoul, I take it that you've never heard that almost all porn actors and more than a few regular actors use something called a stage name. For instance, Charlie Sheen's real name is Carlos Estevez. As for your opinion that he doesn't look the same I think that you should get your eyes checked.


If his name is "Spencer" why does he go by Dustin on the show? Why does he not look the same. Like I just don't see the resemblance...


I wonder if all the media attention will expose all of these guys and kill the Pad! Hopefully not!


Spencer has made a choice that this will probably all come out...but the other guys haven't. Hope this doesn't cause a lot of problems for the other guys!


This is crazy, but I was jacking it to one of spencer's old fratpad videos like a second ago, and I check out your site and he's the first thing I see! Freaked me out!

Spencer is perfect too me: the huge ass, the huge dick, the full lips, that dude was made for porn!

The only bad thing is that his personality sucks. I watch his videos on mute because he is such a douchebag, which makes him perfect for MTV. And he was dumb, I mean really dumb. But that body :)

I wonder if he disclosed his gay porm past. Even though he likes to play with his butthole and has taken it the butt before, I don't think he's totally gay.

Either way, I hope this isn't true. I don't want him to bring any negative attention towards fratpad. They have some real quality guys over there.

BTW, you should have more post about fratpad. It's been getting really hot over there. They actually had a guy try anal this past weekend!


will hv 2 wtch RW now.


He was always one of my fave FratPad guys--seemed very 'game'--but none of them were enough to get me to keep paying the high $$ for that site.

I wonder if this will come up on the Real World. What am I saying! Of course it will!


His real name is Dustin Zito, and he has a Facebook


Cool. I'm with you, I gave up on the RW ages ago, but back when I had a subscription to Fratpad? I was all about this dude. Wonder if any of this'll come up while he's on the show...


Are any of the above pics from the first Spencer/David Duo, where they supposedly fucked?


I finally have a reason to watch The RW again. He is cute and check that ass!!!

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