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I agree with all. That was very hot! Wish I had the nerve to do something like that!! I can watch and dream though.


That is officially my favorite thing in the world. If I ever have children, I'm naming them all after this guy. And I'm conceiving them in a test tube under my gym bag.


That is fascinating!!! More please!

St. Vicodin:

That has to be the most unique way of jerking-off I've ever seen. Impressive! ;-)


Clean-up on aisle 9!

That's a huge gym but I know where I want to be.


i've made myself cum like that doing chin-ups. i'd love MORE of these videos of this guy, please! for me, one of the hottest vids in a long time.


The cum shot was unexpected but strangely erotic- this might be enough to get me to the gym, at least to watch.


That was hot...especially the cumming at the end...wish i know what gym that was!!


Wow. If I came like that everyone in the gym would know!

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