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September 26, 2010



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Weekend Porn Roundup


Trevor Yates has one of the biggest cocks at Bel Ami, which is saying a lot. In his latest scene he's having a threesome with the always sexy Dario Dolce & Julien Hussey. It's so hot to watch Julien & Dario tag-team Trevor's huge tool with both their mouths. Trevor returns the favor and the guys get to have a sword fight in his mouth. Trevor lines up both Dario & Julien's holes, so he can go back and forth fucking them with his uncut dick. Dario & Julien take turns getting pounded in what's sure to be one of the hottest threesomes you've seen in a long time. Julien & Dario share Trevor's big load before spraying him down with their spunk.



Dallas Evans has done a lot of superhot videos for Randy Blue, but he's never bottomed. For his first time Dallas requested Nicco Sky to pop his cherry. These two have played together a couple times before including a killer threesome with Xander Scott. Nicco try to calm Dallas' nerves by giving his some excellent oral attention. Dallas sucks on Nicco's thick tool, getting him totally boned up for fucking. Nicco starts off gentle and the look on Dallas' face shows how much he's enjoying his first time bottoming. After Nicco pounds that hot ass, he switches things up and climbs on top of Dallas' dick for some riding. Both guys finish out the video delivering impressive loads. Hopefully we'll see a lot more of Dallas bottoming in the future.




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September 27, 2010



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Daily Dudetube


While the supersexy Francois Sagat might have given up his porn career, that doesn't mean he's finished getting naked. Francois collaborated with Elvis Di Fazio for this Football inspired bodypaint shoot for Pop magazine. Check out this behind the scenes shower video.




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Folsom 2010

The annual Folsom Street Fair was held yesterday in San Francisco. If you have any hot pics from Folsom send em my way. Is that our buddy HowBizzare sucking cock?


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Monday Porn Roundup


I can't get enough of watching Travis bottom at Corbin Fisher. In their latest update new discovery Marc gets his first taste of action with another dude. Travis totally puts Marc at ease by delivering an expert blowjob. Marc starts off tentatively sucking Travis and then really gets into his first time giving head. Marc loses all inhibitions once his rockhard tool slides into Travis' tight hole. It's so hot watching Travis blow his load while he's riding Marc. Marc finally can't hold back any longer and explodes all over Travis' ass.



If you're a fan of ball play, you gotta check out the latest video from Cocksure Men. Landon Mycles and Jimmy Coxxx are throwing around the ball outside when they get the urge to head inside for a different kind of play. It's such a turn on to watch these two sweaty studs strip down to their jockstraps and start making out. After swapping blowjobs Landon & Jimmy head to the bed for superhot sixty-nining. It's so hot to watch Jimmy's beefy ass and thighs while he pounds Landon's ass. Landon really gets fucked hard and ends the video covered in two big loads of cum.


September 28, 2010



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Daily Dudetube


Trevor Donovan's character Teddy got some gay booty (off camera) on last night's 90210. We only got to see the morning after and an akward hallway scene with possible future love interest Kyle Riabko. Trevor used to be model and was never shy about taking his clothes off.



This past weekend was the annual Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. I've been digging through Flickr and have found a lot of hot pics of the festivities. It's nice to see pornstars like Brandon Bangs, Marcus Mojo & Phenix Saint.




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Tuesday Porn Roundup


Southern Strokes recently packed their bags and headed out to Texas for a 7 stud road trip. What better way for these hotties to get to know each other than a naked game of twister. It's obvious that everyone is enjoying being pressed together and they don't bother keeping their hands or mouths to themselves. It's impossible to keep your eyes off hung stud Haigan in that pile of boys. The next morning Haigan gets up early for some alone time with his morning wood. Haigan heads outside and end up delivering a big load. I can't wait to see what else is to come from this sure to be unforgettable adventure.



Calvin & Esteban are two of Sean Cody's hottest new discoveries. We've seen Esetban with both Trevor & Jamie and Calvin's delivered hot scenes with Julio & Jonathan. Now they're teaming for one of the hottest videos I've seen in a long time. There's tons of hot ass eating and the studs even manage to rim each other at the same time in a 69 position. Both Esteban & Calvin are really creative when it comes to positions. My favorite is watching Calvin lick his own cock while getting pounded by Esteban from above. Esteban finishes the action by spraying a thick creamy load all over Calvin's cock and pubes.


September 29, 2010



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Daily Dudetube


MTV's The Buried Life kicked off its second season this week. The guys managed to cross "Streak A Stadium" off their list, even if it meant spending the night in jail. Unfortunately the action was blurred. Check out this preview for the new season which features more nudity from the guys.


It looks like the censors were more concerned with the guy's butts than Dave moving his hands around on far left. I have to admit Dave is my favorite of the guys and he recently tweeted this photo showing the after effects of trying to be a MMA fighter.




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Wednesday Porn Roundup


Blond hottie Layne is the latest hot discovery from Island Studs. This 19 year old stud is from Florida and spends his time lifeguarding and surfing. Layne's got an unbelievable white bubble butt, that stands out even more with his tanlines. It's so hot to watch Layne work his big cock and full balls out in the open. Layne ends up delivering a big load before heading to the shower to clean up.



You Love Jack consistently delivers some of the hottest guys online. Brian Harper is definitely an insatiable bottom who can't get enough of playing with his hole. Brian strips down to his briefs and really gets into working his rockhard cock. He pulls his legs up on the air and starts jamming his fingers inside his ass. Brian's pretty vocal while he's fingering himself and you just know he would be an amazing fuck. The action doesn't stop until Brian's licking his load off his beautiful six pack.


September 30, 2010



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Tumblr Thursday


It's that time of the week again for another Tumblr Thursday! Here's some of the hottest finds from this week of the Dudetube Tumblr.




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Looks like he's enjoying the 3D porn on Dominic Ford


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Looks like this is actually from the upcoming Raging Stallion video Caught On Tape


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Thursday Porn Roundup


You guys went wild for Max London's solo video for Randy Blue. Now this muscle stud is back for an action video with Chris Bines. Max admits that after his last video he visited the gay bar back home and ended up taking a couple guys home. It's obvious that Chris is totally into Max and who wouldn't be. I can't get enough of Max's big cock and ginger pubes. Max spends the video getting expert oral service from Chris and fucking that eager mouth. Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more of this hot stud.



I can't get enough of Straight College Men's Rhett. Apparently I'm not the only one, because in the latest update Taylor, Tucker & Max each get a turn with the hung hottie. This is the same group of guys who had so much fun with their naked pool party. While one stud plays in the bedroom with Rhett and his big uncut tool, the other two guys goof off bodypainting. At the end of the video we've got 4 big loads of cum and a canvas covered in wiener and butt prints.


October 1, 2010



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Daily Dudetube


I know this site is about sex and naked guys, but I've been preoccupied by the recent attention to gay teenage suicides. Unfortunately this happens way to often, but with the cases of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi as well as at least 4 other teens in September this issue has been pushed to the forefront. For whatever reason my website seems to attract a higher percentage of younger men who are still discovering their sexual identity. I just wanted to say there are resources out there (like the Trevor Project) and people you can talk to about whatever you're going through. You definitely aren't alone and even though it might not feel like it at the time it gets better.


Ok now back to the naked guys. You guys fell in lust with his as Sean Cody's Harley and he's having a great time as Simon Dexter. Simon recently posted these hot pics to his blog.





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You can check out tons more of this hot stud at Tommy9x6.com


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Weekend Porn Roundup


There's no doubt that Travis is one of the hottest bottoms online. In the latest update from Corbin Fisher Travis is getting doubleteamed by blond hotties Dru & Connor. The video kicks off with lots of oral action, including Dru taking both Connor & Travis in his mouth at the same time. The blonds go to work opening up Travis' hole and it's so hot to watch both their fingers inside him. Travis goes to town riding Connor and before you know it he's cumming in Dru's mouth. It's now Dru's turn to top and he manages to fuck a second load outta Travis. Travis still hasn't had enough though and he manages to fit both Dru and Connor inside him at the same time. This isn't the first time Travis has been double-stuffed if you remember his scene with Jeff & Derek. Finally Connor and Dru can't hold back and both unload all over Travis' face.



It looks like today is all about the double-stuffing, but more on that in a bit. Hagain's premiere video as part of Southern Strokes' road trip got tons of attention. Now this hung straight boy is delivering his first action video with Latin hottie Sal. It's such a turn on to watch Sal service Hagain's huge cock out in the open. It's obvious that Haigan is a Power top (with a capital P) and he totally takes control of Sal's ass. Haigan fucks Sal with his big tool & a dildo and even manages to double-dick Sal's eager ass with both. Sal is totally submissive as Haigan jackhamers his butt. Haigan ends up spraying his jizz all over Sal's face and open mouth. I can't wait to see what else is in store for Haigan and this road trip.


October 2, 2010



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