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Daily Dudetube


A couple weeks ago New York celebrated Pride and the studs at Randy Blue joined in the fun. After marching in the parade the boys headed to nightclub Splash to provide some entertainment. Reese Rideout, Cayden Ross, Brett Swanson and a bunch of other hotties got all sweaty and were a big hit with the guys. Anyone up for a Randy Blue world tour?


Yesterday I was surfing around Tumblr and came across these videos. I'm not sure where they're from, but the remind me of the kinda stuff you could see on New York public access television late at night. During High School I had a memorable trip to the city where me and three other guys watched stuff like this all night long.

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That's the amazing Reese Rideout in the first pic.


OMG who is the guy in the first photo?? Fit as fuck! :)


I know that was a different time, but that tennis dance may be the gayest thing I have ever seen.


Actually, these clips are from a softcore gay porn VHS tape called "Males in Motion" put out in 1987. Yes, I still have it and I was the original person to upload it to youtube (or the non xxx portions of some of the VHS tape) before it was flagged and taken down. But others have re-posted it to youtube. The words "males in motion" was actually a pretty hilarious adage used in the 70s and 80s for male strippers. Queens of certain generation may remember looking for "males in motion shows." Now they only seem to use this silly term in Canada.


I remember these videos especially the tennis player. There was a website a long time ago (not Playgirl) that was geared "supposedly"toward females and you could watch male strippers dance. I can't remember the name of the site though. This also reminds me as was mentioned of late night Public Access TV especially the Robin Byrd Show in NYC, when she featured porn stars dancing.

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