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July 5, 2010



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Daily Dudetube


Before we get to see Chris Evans as Captain America he's starring with Anna Faris in What's My Number. This weekend JustJared caught these shots of Chris stripping down on set.



Anyone recognize that hairy chest? Believe it or not it belongs to a 19 year old Jonathan Lipnicki. That's tight, the little kid from Jerry Maguire is all grown up and posted these shots to his twitter account.




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Monday Porn Roundup


Everyone knows that Shay is one of my favorite Fratmen studs. He recently took an afternoon off from his time at the Fratpad to film a superhot jerkoff video. The action kicks off with Shay stripping down poolside. It's so hot to watch him working that big cock outside until he blow's his load all over that amazing body. Shay heads inside to play with that big dick again. Shay showcases his beatiful ass before busting another big nut. Check back later this week for some more Shay goodness.



I've really been enjoying all the content on Cody Cummings website. What's great about that membership is it also gives you access to Next Door Male, Next Door Buddies & TommyDXXX. I just had to share Tommy's latest video with muscle stud Vince Ferelli. It's such a turn on to watch beefy Vince service Tommy's rockhard tool. Tommy sucks Vince's fat tool before sliding his cock in that big muscle ass. You gotta see that mountain of muscle riding Tommy's dick until Vince pumps out a huge amount of Jizz. I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more of Vince in the future.


July 6, 2010



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Daily Dudetube


Steven Daigle has had a very busy year. You guys loved his porn debut Steven DaigleXXX and his recent video for Cocksure Men. Now Steven is headed across the pond to work with UK Naked Men. They just release a superhot photoset of the former Big Brother contestant with videos on the way. No word yet if Steven will be bottoming for superstuds Matt Hughes or Harry Louis.



So what if I messed your sheets? - m4m - 22 (Raleigh)
Date: 2010-07-03, 11:25PM EDT
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Maybe I should just stop bottoming for young, hung, dumb, full of cum, bi-curious, frat boys like you, but here is a fun fact about anal sex my friend: IT CAN GET MESSY. Yes, I had "cleaned out" down there before we hooked up. And yes, I do know how to control my bowels when getting my ass rammed. But guess what? Sometimes shit happens -- literally. It's not like I took a dump on your bed. After 40 sweaty minutes of pounding my hole, you shot your load and withdrew with great satisfaction to find -- the horror -- a little shit, scat, santorum, or whatever else they call it these days, had dripped from my ass onto your sheets. Oooops. My bad. You should take it as a compliment -- most guys can't plunge as deep as your big tool can. But was it really necessary to cringe in disgust and tell me to "get the fuck out." Most tops keep a small towel near the bed -- a "fuck rag" they call it -- for this exact purpose. I suggest you do the same. Or maybe you should just stick to fucking your girlfriend.



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Tuesday Porn Roundup


Ginger hottie Riley Price is my new obsession. Recently he delivered a smoking hot Randy Blue live show showcasing his favorite toys. I love that Randy Blue not only delivers some of the hottest videos online, but they also have weekly live shows where you can chat with their hottest models. Riley does a great job showing how each toy works inside his smooth delicious ass. It's so crazy hot to watch Riley work his hole until he blows a big load all over that built body.



There's no doubt that Luke Hamil is one of the most popular stud at Bel Ami. His specialty is breaking in newbies and this week his target is Keanu Faria. Luke & Keanu are walking through the woods when they come across an empty barn. Before you know it they're both naked and Keanu is sucking on Luke's big uncut cock. Keanu ends up blowing his load and then gets a faceful of cum for Luke. The guys keep going and Luke attacks Keanu's hard cock and hot ass. Luke is a master top and Keanu looks amazing riding that dick. Both studs end up blowing their loads again before the action wraps up.


July 7, 2010



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Wednesday Porn Roundup


These days it feels like there's gingers everywhere you look. Redhead hottie Mark is the latest hot discovery from Corbin Fisher. Who better to break in Mark for his first guy-on-guy experience than superstar Travis. Travis can't get enough of Mark's muscles and rockhard cock. It's such a turn on to watch Mark suck dick for the first time. Travis slide a condom on Mark and goes to town riding that tool. Mark is a great top and ends up fucking the cum right out of Travis. The action climaxes with Mark blowing his load all over Travis' tongue and then getting his cock licked clean.




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July 8, 2010



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Daily Dudetube


It's that time of the week again for another Tumblr Thursday! Here's a collection of some of my favorite images I found this week on the Dudetube Tumblr. There have been some great posts from The Comic Kid, Sissydude, Terry Richardson & Vintage Boys. I was also exposed to artist Jack Sultana whose work I really enjoyed.



It's been a long time coming and finally Alan Heinberg & Jim Cheung are reunited for Avengers: Children's Crusade #1 out today. This nine issue mini-series centers around the Scarlet Witch and will draw in both the Avengers & X-Men. I loved the original series and Hulking & Wiccan might be my favorite gay couple in comics these days. Also out today is the re-release of Matt Fraction & Gabriel Ba's Cassanova which is now fully colored. Casanova is one of my favorite creator owned series of the past few years and I'm so excited to see it reaching a larger audience. If that's not enough comic goodness for you, new issues of Batman & Robin, X-Force, Sweet tooth, Steve Rogers: Super Soldier & Secret Six are in stores today.



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Zach Randall

The last time we saw Zach Randall he was helping teach us Topping 101 on Cocksure Men. Now he's back on Xtube showing off his new sexy beard.


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Broadway Bares... just not on this blog


Yesterday I was contacted by a representative of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS who asked me to remove a post I made about the event Broadway Bares. I was told they "work very hard to police the content from BROADWAY BARES which appears online to protect the associations [sic] made this event." I emailed a reply to the representative and asked if the issue was with the pictures I posted (the majority of which were from BroadwayWorld) or my site specifically. I was told, "It is the site." Now it probably doesn't surprise you that I get asked to remove content all the time, and after almost 5 years of running this site I generally comply without question. However, in this case I was curious: Why would an organization that I've posted about for over 2 years suddenly have an issue with me writing about their event on my site?

Let me be clear. I completely respect and support everything that Broadway Bares & BC/EFA do for people living with HIV/AIDS. I have personally supported the organization financially. I have highly recommended the Broadway Bares: Backstage Pass book and some of you may have purchased the book after seeing it posted here. I continue to feel strongly about the goodness of their efforts. Please visit their website & web store and support them if you'd like. It's a great cause.

I guess the real issue is who decides who can post what on their website?

It disturbs me that an organization would try to dictate who can review their event. I never implied in my write up that anyone got fully naked during the production, but during the back-and-forth on this, the representative seemed to think that, by simply being on my site, the nudity was implied. To me, it seems like an event named "Strip-Opoly" would attract the same audience that my site caters to. Maybe the producers just don't want to admit it?

Later in our exchange, the representative flopped and said the posted photos were the real issue, saying he was concerned about the impact on the career of the dancers. Is having identical pictures posted on a Broadway website and Dudetube a career killer? Are you readers not savvy enough to understand the context under which the photos were taken? By the way, I did not identify any of the performers in the photos (unlike the majority of "mainstream" websites). I'm upset that an organization would actively promote an event based on sexuality, and then become outraged when a sexual website reports on it. The representative told me that Broadway Bares "is sexy but clever." Maybe Dudetube and sites like it aren't clever enough to talk about it?

Out of respect for the organization I removed the post as requested. However, there are larger issues at play here. Who decides what content is appropriate for which websites? Will websites be intimidated and silenced or can sexuality be accepted as a part of our community? I think back 20 years ago and wonder how many people told the founders of Broadway Bares that what they were doing was inappropriate. I wonder how they responded?



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Thursday Porn Roundup


I'm so happy that Mitch is back making videos for Sean Cody. For his latest he's paired up with my new favorite powerbottom Max. The guys play some football on the beach befor heading back to the weightroom for some more fun. It's such a turn on to watch these two built studs make out and then get into a passionate sixty-nine. The highlight of the video has to be Mitch pounding Max while he's in the ab station. It gives Mitch unlimited access to Max's ass and looks hot as fuck. Max ends the video with his furry muscle body covered in cum. Make sure you check out the bonus video full of tons of behind the scenes goodness.


July 9, 2010



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Daily Dudetube


I just wanted to thank everyone for your comments on yesterday's post. I don't really have any interest in rehashing that specific incident, but I have been thinking a lot about the broader issues. I have no illusions that I run an adult site, I just hope that doesn't mean I can't post about anything but pornography. I really enjoyed reading your comments and I appreciate the sites that picked up on the bigger questions raised by the entry. I also wanted to thank the select group of indiviuals who helped me refine my thoughts so I could accurately express my feelings.



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