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Daily Dudetube


You guys might have heard about Bel Ami's recent trip to South Africa. It gave them the opportunity to shot the largest circle jerk in porn history. They just released photos from the shoot which features 27 models including the Peters Twins, Dolph Lambert & Kris Evans. Check back soon for the video release and there's also a 14 stud orgy on the way.



Grant Morrison's Batman & Robin series started off very strong initially, but lost steam with it's second arc. I really enjoyed the "Blackest Knight" arc and the current "Batman vs. Robin" arc has been just as strong. Issue # 12 is in stores today. If you want your very own White Lantern power ring pick up Brightest Day #1 also out today. The current X-Men event continues this week in Uncanny #524 and X-Men: Hellbound #1. If that's not enough comics goodness for you there's new issues of Secret Six & Buffy and the first issue of Jason Aaron & Adam Kubert's Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine series.

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I'm a bit surprised there isn't a picture of some uncut Mexican to celebrate the 5th of May! I could go for a taco with cheese.

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