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May 24, 2010



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Daily Dudetube


Photographer Mark Henderson works under the banner of Edendale Studios and just published his second book Suburban Pleasures. If his subjects looks familiar it's cause many of them have appeared on Randy Blue & Sean Cody. There's Malachi Marx, his brother Isaac, Leo Giamani, Chris Rockway, Nicco Skye and even Harley from Sean Cody. Beautiful Mag dug up these shots from the just released book.




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Monday Porn Roundup


Max is the latest hunky discovery from Sean Cody. In his solo video Max admitted to being curious about playing with guys and for his first time bottoming he's paired up with the supersexy Alan. It's so hot to see a big beefy stud like Max spread eagle getting his hole eaten out by Alan. It's obvious that Alan loved playing with this hairy muscle stud and he pounds Max in every position he can imagine. Alan is a total cum fiend and it's so hot to watch his lick up Max's spent load and give him a deep kiss. The video wraps up with Alan cumming in his hand and then feeding his jizz to Max.



Cole has delivered some supersexy video for Fratmen. This stud and his superthick tool have played around with Casey and my future husband Shay. For his latest he's teamed up with the always horny Jayden. The action kicks off with the guys watching porn in bed together. Jayden can't keep his hands off Cole's monster tool and before you know it the guys are trading blowjobs. The action moves to the shower where the guys spend some more time sucking and jerking each other. To finish up the studs head back to the bed and end up blowing their loads side by side.


May 25, 2010



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I Want Your Love


Filmmaker Travis Matthews had a huge hit last year with his series In Their Rooms. Now he's working on a feature length film I Want Your Love. It's a fictional story of a guy's last days living in San Francisco with a documentary style and hardcore sex. You can check out the exclusive sneak peek at Naked Sword. The Sword just caught up with Travis and his stars Jesse & Brenden for a behind the scenes interview.




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Tuesday Porn Roundup


Blond hottie Euan was a big hit last week when he debuted on Bel Ami. Now he's back for his first action video with the sexy Alex Orioli. These two uncut studs don't let their language barrier come between them. The action kicks off with Alex massaging Euan and paying special attention to that smooth freckled ass. Euan & Alex take their time sucking each other as they get closer and closer to the edge. You can't miss the end of the video where both studs take a facefull of jizz.



Diego Sans has become has become a big star during his time at Randy Blue. He's had a superhot solo scene and a great fuckfest with Chip Taylor. This time he's playing houseboy to bitchy boss Nicco Sky. Nicco has a hands on policy with the help and it's so hot to watch the guys suck each other on the couch. Once he's really worked up Nicco goes to town fucking Diego's delicious ass. Diego gets his shot at topping Nicco before both studs blow their loads.


May 26, 2010



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Daily Dudetube


I'm so excited about the new season of True Blood premiering on HBO Sunday, June 13. Sissydude posted these sneak peek shots featuring a naked Alexander Skarsgard. There's also some steamy shots of Bill & Sam who shared blood at the end of last season.



J. Michael Straczynski has been killing on his Brave & The Bold run. Last issue featuring Wonder Woman, Zatanna & Batgirl was an instant classic. This week he's kicking off his first multi-issue storyline with a team-up between the Legion of Super-Heroes & the Doom Patrol. Check back next issue for a zany follow-up featuring the Legion of Substitute Heroes & the Inferior Five. The new era for the Avengers continues this week with Secret Avengers #1. Ed Brubaker & Mike Deodato collaborate on this new title featuring a covert Avengers team lead by Steve Rogers. Today everyone's favorite mutant pop star gets the spotlight with a Dazzler one-shot. If that's not enough comic goodness for ya check out new issues of Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne (with the incredible Frazier Irving doing art), X-Force (Chapter 9 of "Second Coming"), Justice League: Generation Lost & Secret Warriors. Also out today are the collections for the groundbreaking Wednesday Comics & Spider-Woman (complete with web comic dvd).



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You guys loved his Dudetube exclusive video and now the superhung Tommy9x6 is back.


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Wednesday Porn Roundup


It's been awhile since we've seen Jonah & Trevor on Sean Cody. These two hotties are paired up for the first time for a superhot flip flop fuck. Both Trevor & Jonah know what they like and these two didn't need any direction. Jonah has an incredible ass and it's so hot to watch him get pounded by Trevor. Jonah really gets into eating out Trevor's hole before it's his turn to top. After some great fucking Trevor gets his two loads all over his tight body. There's been lots of hot cumplay on Sean Cody lately and this video is no exception. You gotta check out Trevor wiping up both stud's cum and then Jonah licking the jizz off Trevor's fingers.



Connor has been delivering some superhot videos lately for Corbin Fisher. Just last week we saw him having an amazing threesome with Dawson & Bel Ami's Ariel. Now he's teamed up with gay hottie Levi for a hot fuck scene. These two hotties spend a lot of time making out and sucking each others cocks. Connor really gets into teasing Levi's hole with his rockhard cock before sliding it inside. Levi looks like he's in heaven while riding Connor's tool and getting jackhammered from underneath. Connor ends up fucking the cum outta Levi before blowing his load between Levi's legs.


May 27, 2010



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Tumblr Thursday


Yesterday Terry Richardson posted these shots of Brad Goreski to his Tumblr. You might know Brad from his time in a bowtie on Bravo's The Rachel Zoe Project. I'm not sure what I expected this gay cutie to look like naked, but I sure didn't know he was working with all that.


Here's some of the most recent posts from the Dudetube Tumblr that I've been enjoying. I wonder where that mirror pic of my boyfriend Kris Evans came from.




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This one's about 20 minutes long, but he's pretty cute


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Thursday Porn Roundup


I usually try to not post updates from the same site on back to back days, but there's no way I could wait until tomorrow to share the latest from Corbin Fisher. We've watch these twins journey from Jesse & Joshua to Luca & Liam. Luca already got a chance to fuck CF's resident powerbottom Travis. Now Travis is taking on both brothers. Travis is in heaven getting worked over by these identical hotties and then servicing the twins' rockhard tools. Liam's never fucked a guy before so he gets first shot at Travis' tight ass. After some superhot riding Travis switches over to his brother Luca. Liam ends up jerking a big load outta Travis before both twins blow their loads all over their very willing bottom. Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more of these brothers from Corbin Fisher.



There's no doubt that Cody Cummings has become one of the most popular studs online. You guys have loved his candy exploration, cable guy threesome, self-suck video & massage video with Phenix Saint. In the latest update from his site Cody's enjoying a sunny day out on his back porch. He's flipping through one of his favorite magazines and before you know it he's whipping out that big tool. Cody heads back to the bedroom for some serious jacking off and a deliciously thick load.


May 28, 2010



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After his new video last week I got a lot of emails from readers wanting to know more about Speedostudent1's adventures in porn. Dirty Bird Pictures is releasing Speedoboys featuring this blond hottie with Active Duty models Kaden & Shawn. There's tons of speedo related action along with this Xtube superstar bottoming for both of these studs.


Jasun Mark

Jasun Mark has been a friend of the blog since way back in the blogspot days. You might remember when he worked behind the scenes at Fratmen/Fratpad and he's been doing a great job at Jake Cruise/Cocksure Men. We've seen him service Max Blake & play around with John Magnum. Now here's a video that Jasun's boss Jake took of him jerking off.


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I was so happy to wake up this morning and find this exclusive video from Uncle Paul. These guys love showing off and they wanted to do something special for all you Dudetube readers. You can see more of this hottie and tons more at the Uncle Paul amateur page.


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May 29, 2010



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Weekend Porn Roundup


It's finally here! The epic 27 model jerk off video from Bel Ami. Their recent trip to South Africa gave them the opportunity to shot the largest circle jerk in porn history. The shoot includes almost all of your favorite models including the Peters Twins, Dolph Lambert, Kris Evans, Ariel Vanean, Todd Rosset, Luke Hamil, Trevor Yates, Brandon Manilow & Jean-Daniel Chagall. The video goes live tonight at midnight. Check back soon cause there's also a 14 model orgy on the way.



There's no doubt that Randy Blue's Benjamin Bradley is a rockstar. You loved his appearance in Text, Lies & Video and now he's back to play with Jarrett Rex. It's so hot to see these two built muscle studs going at it. After some hot making out Benjamin goes to town servicing Jarrett's thick tool. Once he's worked up Jarrett slams his big cock into Benjamin's muscle ass. Benjamin really gets into riding that dick and blows his load with it deep inside him. The action wraps up with Jarrett spraying his cum all over Benjamin's tanned body.



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