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Dear Lord, I think I'm in love...!


omfg. omfg. omfg. this is my favorite ever. omg all that cum. fuck all. i will be nutting to this clip for the rest of the year.


hahahahaha ! wtf my videos is doing here ?? :P

Just kidding ..... Stay showing everything


@marc You should try a French diet.. It's were they are from (south of France).


holyshit!! again!! all of this cum gone to waste. what vitamins are these kids on anyway??? wished they would film someone taking that huge load of cum. :)

St. Vicodin:

Holy shit! I'd have a hell of a time swallowing the sitting guy's load without losing any, but it sure would sure be fun trying!


I’m jealous...and hungry.


How can I get such a beautiful ejaculations ? Food ?


Man! I wish I could cum like that!
How many years do you think I'd have to save up? Nah, I guess it ain't worth the wait!


There should be a different word to describe ejaculations with this much volume. They are not cum shots as much as they are an almost steady stream of cum. These videos show guys who are ejaculating a greater volume of cum than many guys urinate in volume when they pee.


Penises are wonderful, wonderful things aren't they?



I wouldn't be letting all that cum go to waste. I'd eat every last sperm!


Lots of nice Cumshots on here today!

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