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Daily Dudetube


Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! What a great excuse to drink green beer and pinch that cute guy you've had your eyes on for months. I found this awesome image on DavidD13's DeviantArt gallery and just had to share it with you guys. I also want to thank everyone for coming out last night for our organized Group Chat. There were so many hot cams and it was great to see so many hotties both new and familiar.


One of my favorite guys has returned to the FratPad! Check back later this week for a big update.


After a couple slow weeks it's a big release day for comics. The third issue of Marvel's Siege is in stores today. Last issue contained a shocking graphic death and there's sure to be more carnage to come. The title that got me hooked on comic books X-Factor returns today via the Forever treatment. Also out today is Nation X #4 with a Doop centric story from the X-Force/X-Statix team of Milligan and Allred. If that's not enough for you new issues of Green Lantern Corps (Black Lantern Ice vs. Guy Gardner), Dark Avengers, Brave & The Bold (Aquaman teams up with The Demon, Fables &Joe The Barbarian are out today along with the last (for now) issue of Spider-Woman and the first issue of Stephen King's American Vampire.


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