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omg hes so hot i wanna see him do his selfsuck live once just once ..


selfmax is a french guy friend of mine is name is Will he is fom Lyon and has a great boyfriend bigger than him LOL


Have you ever seen so much cum trickle down an erect penis as it did with him?


omg. i've been waiting for a true self-suck vid for a long time. this is the one. dude gets his dick into his mouth while sitting up and bending forward. then he clasps his hands together underneath his thighs and thrusts so he's fucking his face. how incredibly hot.

i wish i could know what it feels like to taste my dick & especially to feel me cum in my mouth. you are amazing. these other guys claim they self-suck but they really don't. self lick maybe. but you do it all. a few of you had vids up on xtube a few years ago. i nearly died. self suck has been a fantasy ever since i learned to jerk off lol. i wanna fuck someone while he selfsucks and see the ecstasy in his eyes when he cums in his mouth. give us more vids please!!


He probably never steps out of the house...


hey mark from lansing, interested in chatting? hit me up msu stud here


That was by far the hottest thing I have ever seen. I wish I could have been the camera guy on this. Even better to be the guy in the video. I would pay money to see that live.


AMAZING! I wish more guys would own up to being able to self suck...what a TURN ON!!!!

Anywho...if this guy is willing, there are a TON of porn studios that would more than likely offer up $$$$$$ like you wouldn't believe for this kind of talent!

BANK! More please...can't get enough of self-sucking!

Mark- Lansing Mi:

I've only Dreamed about self suck.. hot

No man is an island, but this guy comes close. If he were stranded he could feed himself for days! And he can feed me anytime.


OMG! one of THE hottest vid's EVER in here! lol My only addition to make it better: SHAVE em balls up and trim those pubes wayyyy back dude! Nothing like a very trimmed up cock/balls and hole to get most people hot and ready to blow! ;) DAMN HOT!


Amazing flexibility, not to
mention the amazing hard rock cock and the incredible fountain of cum
WOW budy!!


Hott! I love how it pour out his mouth at the end.
I wish i could do that...


Jeezuz..made me hard. Wish I could do that


WOW! Dude these vids are awesome....U r something special!

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