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Daily Dudetube

Gay friendly actor James Franco got a lot of press for his homoerotic short film "The Feast of Stephen". It's based on a poem by Anthony Hecht and was part of Fraco's graduate school work. The clip includes some nudity so who knows how long it will be up on Youtube. You can also see the clip on the Teddy Awards website.


Guess who's back from a short lived retirement? It's Randy Blue superstar Malachi Marx looking like Kevin Zeger's porn twin. You might remember that Malachi was one of Dudetube's Dudes of 2009. Check back tomorrow for the full update.



Writer Brian Bendis has taken a different approach to his Avengers tie-in issues of Marvel's big event Siege. Instead of telling stories in between the pages of the mini-series, he's setting his tie-ins right before attack on Asgard. In New Avengers the team has been taking on The Hood's gang of supervillains with some evil mind control thrown in. In issue #62 out today we get to see Spider-man take on a possessed Spider-woman. Also out today are new issues of two of my favorite ongoings X-Factor & Batman & Robin. You can also pick up new issues of Blackest Night, X-Force, Justice League: Cry For Justice, Secret Warriors & Nation X.

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I read Hecht's poems and found the four stanzas of "The Feast of Stephen" thrilling though ornate and at times obscure. The critics think his later work matured masterfully and I look forward to reading more.

Anthony Hecht (1922-2004)

I would have loved to have seen the entire "Feast of Stephen" video. Did the guy commit suicide at the end when he jumped? I guess I'll have to try to find the poem and read it.

Also, can't wait to see more of Malachi. He has real sex appeal.

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