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Daily Dudetube


I have to admit that I haven't been following the olympics at all, but maybe I've been missing out. Check out these shots of bronze medal winner Bode Miller in his blue skintight suit that leaves nothing to the imagination. If you come across any more great Olympic bulge shots send em my way.



Last month's issue of Captain America has been getting a lot of attention from the conservative media. The storyline featured the right wing terrorist group The Watchdogs (created in 1987) infiltrating the Tea Party movement. People have been taking issue with some of the protest signs shown in the issue (quoting actual tea bag signs) and the implication that this movement isn't welcoming to Black people. This isn't the first time Bubaker has tied a Captain America story into current events. Back in 2008 he implied that the supervillain Red Skull was behind the current economic crisis. Issue #603 is out today along with new issues of Blackest Night: Flash, Uncanny X-Men, Joe the Barbarian, Dark Avengers & Justice League of America. New collections out today include Kick-Ass (destined to be the next big superhero movie) and DC Universe: Origins (collecting the 2 page origin stories from 52 & Countdown).

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For the totally unenlightened; what is a "teabagger"?

In Florida we have people up in arms about the "T-backers" which I know is something else entirely.


I've been wondering what the controversy was in Capt. America #602. Thanks!


Bulge? Looks more like a pimple. Let's just hope it's because it's so cold, eh? =X

And it's cold! Imagine Bode's bulge in tropical heat.

I hate hate that Marvel is backing down and wimping out on the Captain America issue. Even Bubaker is placing responsibility elsewhere. They should be proud of pissing off the teabaggers!

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