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January 4, 2010



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Daily Dudetube


Before heading home for the holidays my buddies Ben & Dave spent some time with porn superstar Mason Wyler. On their podcast they chat with Mason about everything from Porn, tickle torture, being a self-professed attention whore and his feud with Zane from ChaosMen. You can check out the whole show on iTunes.


And if you can't get enough of Mason you have to check out MasonWyler.com. The site is jammed full of videos and pics of this hung stud doing what he does best.




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Monday Porn Roundup


Dennis is quickly becoming one of the most popular guys on Sean Cody. He's gotten pounded by Heath and Trevor and he's topped Isaac and Pete. In his latest update he's teamed up with newbie Brendan. Brendan is definitely impressed by Dennis' big tool and loves getting his ass eaten. These studs take full advantage of their setting as Dennis fucks Brendan all over the gym. Make sure you check out the bonus video with naked pushups and post-sex showers.



I've been recovering from a cold the last few days and I always find that's a great time to explore new porn. I have to admit that I'm really liking Dirty Tony and their model Tucker. This bisexual cutie is from the Jersey Shore and definitely likes pushing his boundaries. It's obvious he gets off showing off his tats and rock hard cock. He goes wild when Tony starts playing with his hole and can't wait to swallow Tony's thick tool. After Tucker gets a face full of jizz he blows his own load all over his own tight body.


January 5, 2010



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Daily Dudetube

You guys know that the romance between Kyle & Fish on One Life To Live has gotten me sucked back into the world of soaps. During the last episode of 2009, these two hotties finally got together for their first date and their first time going all the way. I thought it was pretty steamy for 2 o'clock in the afternoon.


Jasun Mark has been a friend of the blog since way back in the blogspot days. He started out working behind the scened with the guys at Fratmen/Fratpad and has moved on to a successful career at Jake Cruise/Cocksure Men. You guys really loved the videos of him showing off his PA and playing around with Jake Cruise model John Magnum. I've been begging him to spend more time in front of the camera for years and he's making his professional debut this week on Jake Cruise with hunky model Max Blake. This also launches the new "Be Jake For A Day" contest which gives you a shot at stepping into Jake & Jasun's shoes.




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Tuesday Porn Roundup


Corbin Fisher has new hot gay stud. Levi is a 21 year old college student who is really into skydiving. He's also a bottom and really wants to try a threesome. In his solo video we get to watch him strip down and show off his supercute butt. Levi really gets into showing off and blows a huge load all over his abs. Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more of this cutie in the future.



Sebastian Bonnet is one of the most popular superstars at Bel Ami. For his latest update he's paired up with the supersexy Sascha Chaykin. These two uncut studs get really intimate while doing a photoshoot. It's so hot to watch the behind the scenes video as Sebastian and Sascha can't keep their hands off each other. Make sure you stick around until the end to watch these hotties spray all over each other's smooth tan body.


January 6, 2010



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Daily Dudetube


Check out some exclusive shots from Real Guys Exposed. Turns out their latest model Hylas is a big comic fan. His favorite character is Elektra and he'd love to write an Elektra movie one day.


I just had to share some shots from Hylas' video premiere on Real Guys Exposed. Filming Hylas' big uncut cock got the cameraman so turned on he couldn't help unzipping himself. Not one to miss an opportunity Hylas blew the cameraman before blowing his load all over his hairy body.



The cast of one of my favorite books checks in with the rest of mutantkind in Nation X: X-Factor. It's nice to have to book tie-in to current events without derailing their storylines. Marvel's big event Siege kicks off today courtesy write Brian Bendis and artist Oliver Coipel. It's refreshing to have a shorter four issue compressed event. DC's big event continues with a new issue of Blackest Night: Wonder Woman and a resurrected Suicide Squad. If that's not enough comics goodness for you new issues of JSA All-Stars, New Mutants, Savage Dragon & Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man are in stores today.



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Wednesday Porn Roundup


You guys have loved Travis' rebirth as Parker on ChaosMen. Parker was scheduled to film his first bottoming scene but his partner didn't show up. He suggested to doing a toy video instead to practice. It's so hot to watch this blond stud slide each of his three toys into his tight hole. Once he gets to the biggest Parker can't hold back and nuts his load all over himself.



Randy Blue not only delivers some of the hottest videos online, but they also produce live shows every week. It's great to be able to watch and chat with your favorite models live or check out past shows in the archives. Rising stars Nicco Sky and Brett Swanson recently turned out an incredibly hot night. The guys make out, strip down, show off and even break out the paddle. When things get really heated Brett breaks out his toy before both studs blows their loads.


January 7, 2010



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Daily Dudetube


BBC America premiered the series Demons after the Doctor Who special last weekend. I'm still not sold on the Buffy-esque show, but I can't get enough of star Chirstian Cooke. This hottie was shirtless for a lot of the first episode and I found even more revealing footage from another series Trinity.



Here's a treat for all you ginger fans out there. My favorite web glog Fantastics Mag just released "Big Red" starring hunky redhead Ryan. Let the redhead model explosion commence.




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Thursday Porn Roundup


There's lots of superhot blond studs on Corbin Fisher. In the latest update Connor & Dru are teaming up for the first time. Both of these hotties were really looking forward to this scene and they really get into making out and swapping blow jobs. Dru has a big smile on his face the whole time Connor is fucking his ass. The highlight has to be Dru sittin on Connor's rockhard tool while getting jackhammered from below. Dru ends the video drenched in two big loads.



You Love Jack's latest find Noah looks like he just walked off the screen of a teen drama. This Spanish twink is 100% bottom which is just fine with his boyfriend fellow YLJ model Dayton O'Connor. Once Noah gets hard he really gets into showing off his ass and fingering his hole. All that assplay really gets him worked up and Noah blows a big load all over his black t-shirt. Hopefully we'll get a video with Noah and Dayton soon.


January 8, 2010



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Daily Dudetube


Here's a little treat for all you Glee fans out there that can't wait until April. I'm not sure it's the slash pairing I would have chosen, but it's still fun.


Last month I told you about a group of guys from VH1's Tool Academy making their amateur porn debut. Straight College Men has released the second video starring "special tool" Dan. In the video he chats about his sexual adventures, strips down for a photoshoot and jerks off in bed. Straight College Men also just released an actual father/son side by side jerk off video.




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You can check out tons more of this hung stud at Tommy9x6.com


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January 9, 2010



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Weekend Porn Roundup


Gay stud Isaac developed a big crush on Matt during their time filming the big Hawaii orgy. Now these two Sean Cody studs are back for some one on one time. The guys have a super-extended make out session before Isaac swallows Matt's rockhard tool. Matt takes his time teasing Isaac's hole before jamming his thick cock inside. This video is packed with tons of hot fucking and it's obvious that Isaac loves every second. You gotta stick around until the end to see Isaac in total bliss covered in jizz.



I have to admit I have a huge crush on Randy Blue muscle man Cayden Ross. There's just something about his tat, smile and beefy body that drives me wild. For his first bottoming scene Cayden is paired up with fellow built stud Alex Eden. It's so nice to watch a video where both guys are having a great time and can't stop laughing and joking around. After swapping blowjobs Alex goes to work on Cayden's cherry muscle butt. You can't miss watching big beefy Cayden bouncing up and down on Alex's rockhard cock.



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