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November 9, 2009



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Daily Dudetube


I looks like Kim Kardashian isn't the only member of her family who is going to be well known for their ass. Yesterday Kim posted these pics of her brother Rob to her Twitter account with the tag "Guess who has the biggest butt in the fam?".



Downtown Bar - m4m - 22 (Raleigh)
Date: 2009-11-07, 4:31PM EST
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You are a hot married guy and cruised me at a downtown bar last night and followed me into the bathroom. At the urinal you pulled out a big cock and asked if I would blow you in your car. I followed you out and took care of you in the back seat. I was prepared to take your load, but you pulled out and shot all over my shirt and then told me to "get the fuck out." I had to go back into the bar to meet my friends with your wad smeared down my shirt. Asshole.



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Monday Porn Roundup


Big beefy stud Austin Skyes is the latest great find on Randy Blue. Austin was discovered go-go dancing in a club in Oklahoma City and Randy knew he had to get this hottie in front of his camera. It's so hot to watch Austin strip out of his tiny blue shorts and show off his big beautiful butt and suckable cock. Austin works his body and dick until he sprays all over his huge frame.



You guys really likes Miles first topping scene with Ryan on Southern Strokes. Now Miles is back to fuck new model Ashton. After some hot making out Ashton really gets into devouring Miles' thick tool. Miles can't wait to get his cock inside Ashton and his bubble butt looks so hot while he's pounding. If you're a fan of facials this is the video for you. Miles nuts a big gooey mess all over Ashton's face.


November 10, 2009



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Daily Dudetube


It's been a couple weeks since halloween, but I'm sure some of you are still recovering. I wish my celebrations had involved these sexy superheroes.




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Tuesday Porn Roundup


Patrik delivered one of the most popular solo videos in Men At Play history. Now this stud is back and teamed up with hottie Max Schutler. The video starts off with some incredible footage of a naked Patrik playing in the water. Max discovers Patrik and can't help but devour that perfect uncut cock. Patrik pushes fully clothed Max into the pool where they make out. The action moves inside for more cocksucking before Max climbs on Patrik's rockhard cock. It so hot to watch Patrik top and then see both of these uncut studs blow their loads.



Casey's been part of the Fratmen family for awhile now and he's back with a superhot beach solo video. We get to watch Casey strip down and show off that amazing body and hot cock. After blowing his load Casey has a super steamy shower and heads to the couch to get off again.


November 11, 2009



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Daily Dudetube


My favorite gay soap couple One Life To Live's Kyle & Fish have been laying low since their big gay wedding kiss. The boy tried to go on their first date yesterday and my future husband openly gay actor Scott Evans ended up shirtless. I hope that since Kyle's a med student and Fish is a cop that these two will continue to be integrated into the show's storylines. I actually watched OLTL back in 2001 when Jessica's long lost twin Natalie joined the show so I'm enjoying the non-gay Mitch Laurence storyline as well.


Guapo Magazine sat down with supercute model Antoine to talk about his life and travels. They also got a bunch of shots of this hottie having his way with a big stuffed lion and even a video of him with a bunny.

Mark Millar is the creator of Wanted and he's also behind 2010's hottest comic book movie Kick Ass. Millar's had iconic runs on Wolverine, Spider-Man & Fantastic Four as well as being the driving force of Civil War & The Ultimates. Kick Ass is a dark look at regular people trying to be superheroes. If you can't wait until 2010 you can pick up the first 7 issues of Kick Ass in stores along with new issues of Batman & Robin, Fables, X-Force & the premiere of SWORD.



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Wednesday Porn Roundup


I'm loving the addition of Dru to the Corbin Fisher family. In the latest update this blond stud is back to top little hottie Simon. It's so fucking hot to watch Simon swallow Dru's big cock. Simon really gets into having Dru inside him and he delivers a very vocal orgasm.



Brett Swanson has quickly become one of the hottest bottoms on Randy Blue. Nicco Sky is paired up with Brett for his first time topping on camera. It's obvious that these two hotties are really into each other and Brett can't wait to get his lips around Nicco's thick tool. Brett has an amazing ass and it's so hot to watch Nicco eat him out. Brett really gets into having his tight hole fingered before Nicco starts fucking him. You gotta stick around until the end for Nicco's unbelievable cumshot.


November 12, 2009



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Daily Dudetube


There are so many new photos of Joseph Sayers that he's becoming a regular feature on the blog. I had to share one more shot from his collaboration with photographer Rick Day that shows off that delicious tan line.


YVY Mag has posted more shots from Joseph's Hudson Wright photoshoot in Palm Springs with fashion editor Nole Marin.




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Thursday Porn Roundup


What better way to wrap up Sean Cody's epic Hawaiian adventures than a 5 stud Fuckfest. This video stars Jake, Isaac, Matt, Keith and bisexual stud Doug who's bottoming for the first time. The video starts out with some ridiculously hot oral action the highlight of which is Isaac sucking on Jake's big uncut tool. It's so hot to finally see Doug give up his beautiful ass and Keith gets the honor of popping his cherry. The video is full of tons of fucking as the studs keep switching up partners. Everyone delivers impressive cumshots, especially Jake who blows all over his own face while Matt pounds him. If you've ever considered joining Sean Cody now is the time. Make sure you check out the super extended behind the scenes video which includes footage of Doug attempting to take Jake's thick cock.



You guys have really enjoyed Travis & Taj's rebirth as Parker & Hagan on ChaosMen. Now these two studs are teamed up for an oral video. The action starts off with Parker massaging Hagan's incredible body. Parker quickly goes to work on Hagan's cock and it's so hot to see him sucking on that monster tool. Hagan returns the favor and before you know it these two studs are sixty-nining. Hagan blows his load first and then Parker sprays all over his buddy.


November 13, 2009



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Weekend Porn Roundup


Christian Sharp and Dawson Riley have quickly become two of the hottest studs on Randy Blue. It's obvious that these two hotties have great chemistry and can't keep their hands off each other. After making out Dawson give Christian's tool some extra special oral attention. Dawson has an incredible ass and it's so fucking hot watching Christian eat him out. Christian's such a skilled top and he knows how to drive Dawson wild. Stick around until the end to see Dawson covered in boths stud's loads.



For Ty's first time topping at Corbin Fisher he was paired up with Travis for a scene that delivered a memorable hands free cumshot. Now these two superstuds are paired up again for a killer flip-flop fuck scene. I think Ty's been dreaming about this rematch for awhile and all his dreams come true when Travis swallow's his thick tool. Ty returns the favor and then bends over to get jackhammered by Travis' rockhard cock. In all his time at CF Travis has never done a flip-flop and we haven't seen him top in over a year. It's so hot to watch Travis pull out of Ty and then climb on his big cock for a ride. Make sure you check out the bonus video of the guys cleaning off all the cum in the shower.



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