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Daily Dudetube


I don't think there's such a thing as too much Joseph Sayers and hopefully you guys agree. Here are a couple more shots from his Rick Day photoshoot for Rufskin.



You guys also really loved Joseph's black & white shoot with photographer Hudson Wright. Here are a couple more pictures from that session.



It's a ridiculously huge new comics release week. The fiftieth issue of Peter David's X-Factor will tie up a lot of the storyline that's been running for the last year and set up the new direction of December's issue #200. New issues of two of my other favorite ongoing series Detective Comics (begining Batwoman's origin) & New Avengers (the return of The Hood) are also in stores today. Geoff John's Superman: Secret Origin #2 features an appearance by the Legion of Super-Heroes. If that's not enough comic goodness you can also pick up new issues of Blackest Night (with tie-ins Green Lantern & BN:Titans), Secret Warriors, X-Force, Teen Titans, Ultimate Comics Avengers and the begining of the next big X-crossover with X Necrosha.

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Look like Rictor and Shtterstar are out, happy and proud! I love that picture!

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