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I know opinion is split on this guy, but he started posting videos again. This one has a lot of talking with some nudity in the middle. You can check it out on the XTube site.


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He is simply beautiful, isn't he? I don't think there is anything weird about him. He just seems like maybe someone who doesn't being treated badly. That's normal. Perhaps he got picked on a lot when he was younger, and he's still recovering from that. Maybe it's what drove him to focus on bodybuilding. Whatever it is, he's fantastic now the way he is.

His website is imyoboy.blogspot.com


i wanna have sex with his voice... who am i kidding i wanna have sex with every last inch of him!


I definitley noticed this jr. hottie before, and of course, he's still very good looking...but something about this video strikes me as the pre-nervous breakdown variety. Hope whatever's going on beyond the lens works out. And yeah, whomever was saying watching the vid made them anxious, ditto.


he's obviously bipolar.


I'm with Bacteriaburger on this one. He's new to me. Body's great. Face is lovely. But he acts kinda wired and jumpy. I can't really watch someone who seems so uncomfortable.


I think he's NUTS
What's he on?
6 minutes of him rambling on about what?


He is cute. Didn't know he was letting others get him down.

scott in pa:

hey boy...youre awesome. you tell me who's fucking with you and ill kick their ass. youve got it goin and enjoy your youth and dont let the bastards wear you down. do what you want, when you want, wherever you want,


I am thrilled he's back. His commentary is great.
And that ass is to die for. Before he deleted them, he had several superb videos - one where he was wearing a jockstrap that was probably his brothers, one where he did chinups from his home-made chinup bar, and one where he took a shower (that ass was so gorgeously big that the video was practically 3D). I look forward to some very hot videos. And he seems like a cool guy too.

Totally hot guy. But the video is kind of...weird. He seems perturbed or something. And did anyone else catch sight of what looks like a stained glass window near the ceiling of his room?


I dunno why people are split either. He's way hot, and the talking to you on camera thing just makes him that much more attractive. I'm dying to see him jerk off.


He is hot -- I really don't understand why people would be such dickheads to a very cute boy with personality. Best of luck to him and can't wait to follow him.


what's not to love about this guy? ;-)


Why is opinion split?




I went to his blogspot given on the vid.....appears not to exist. Anyone know it?


If opinions are split, then I definitely err on the side of admiration for this guy.


as good as it gets, mmmm


odd. amazing ass and legs.

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