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August 17, 2009



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Daily Dudetube


Seems like taking naked pictures of yourself in the mirror is all the rage these days. Whether you're an A-List Oscar winning actor or a gay contestant on a CBS reality show. I'm hoping this trend continues and feel free to send me ur naked mirror pics anytime.



PURE--iphone - m4m (Pure)
Date: 2009-08-15, 4:07AM EDT
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I made out with you upstairs tonight and then my iphone went missing. If you took it, please return it to me cause it is my work phone. I will pay you $100 as an award and more. I liked you and I think you will love what I have to offer. I am well endowed and would love to make out with you again cause you are a hottie, and I need my phone back. I promise I will make it worth your while. I just need the phone back. Please respond, I won't hold anything against you cause I wanna make out with you like a rabbit. You will love it, I promise.



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Monday Porn Roundup


Sean Cody latest trip to Hawaii produced some amazing videos. We've already seen Jake's acrobatic fuck in the kitchen and Keith getting pounded outside. Now these two studs are teaming up for a flip-flop fuckfest. This is Keith's first time topping a guy and Jake's big uncut meat looks amazing flopping around while he's getting fucked. There are some great positions in the video as the guys take turn topping next to the pool. Make sure you check out the bonus video with tons of behind the scenes goodness.



It's always hot to watch someone who is really into playing with their ass. You Love Jack's latest find Chris Nichols is cute Italian twink who knows what gets him off. Once he strips down Chris quickly gets hard and starts working his tool. It's such a turn on to see Chris spread his legs and work finger after finger inside him. I'm pretty sure he gets up to four. Chris must have hit his magic button cause he blows a big thick load.




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August 18, 2009



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Daily Dudetube


It looks like celebrities still haven't learned that they should put down the camera if they don't want people to see them naked. Gawker found sex tape of ABC's Doctor McSteamy. It's mostly chemically altered naked people babbling. The uncensored tape is now available on Fleshbot.



There's an interesting line in Gay Vintage Porn. Previous to 1968 you weren't legally allowed to show penis. This lead to the abundance of "posing strap" pictures where the model was usually barely covered in some manner. In one of the latest updates from my favorite Yahoo Group RetroMenPlus, blond hottie Jeff Reardon straddles this line. Check out these shots from 1968 & 1969.




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Amateur College Sex: Hugh


So there was some controversy about last week's Ty & Daniel post. I can't imagine featuring videos that involve sex with women on a regular basis. But when I think they're especially hot I'm going to do posts on them. So if you think Hugh is as sexy as I do check out more after the jump.

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August 19, 2009



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Daily Dudetube

I've been a fan of the ABC soaps since college and I'm enjoying the Kyle/Fish relationship on One Life To Live. In case you haven't been watching, Fish (played by Chris Evans' brother Scott) is a closeted cop who had a relationship with Kyle when they were in college. Here's a clip of yesterday's episode which included lots of lockerroom action. I've started Tivoing the show and just fastforwarding through all the straight stuff.


Kerry Degman & Chad White are two of the biggest male models working today. They've also both built up a pretty big gay following with some of their more revealing shoots. Contributing Editor put these two studs together for a spread that seems a lot less about fashion and a lot more about my fantasies.


Today the long awaited Spider-Woman motion comic is premieres on iTunes. It's 10 minutes of orginal content from writer Brian Bendis and artist Alex Maleev. The art is really amazing and don't get thrown by her British accent. You can pick up an actual physical comic of the material next Wednesday. Out in comic stores today are new issues of X-Factor, Batman: Streets of Gotham, Blackest Night: Superman & Ex Machina.



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Wednesday Porn Roundup


The hot Hawaiian videos from Sean Cody keep coming. The last time we saw Doug he was topping Harley for his farwell video and we've already seen Isaac in Hawaii flip-flop with Kurt. The video starts off in an outdoor shower at night with the guys making out while they bone up. After trading blowjobs outside, the studs move indoors for some hot fucking. I love watching Doug top and he looks amazing pounding Isaac's beautiful ass. Both studs blow big loads after fucking in a bunch of different positions. Make sure you check out the bonus video where Doug admits Isaac gives the best head he's ever had.



Bo Dean has quickly become the superstar stud at Cocksure Men. In his latest video he takes on Dane & Brock in the lockerroom. It's so hot to watch Bo swallow Brock's cock while Brock is sucking Dane. Bo ends up getting the best of both worlds having Dane deepthroat his big cock while Brock eats out his muscle ass. Bo gets a chance to fuck boths of these studs and Brock ends the video covered in 3 big loads.


August 20, 2009



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Daily Dudetube


Reese Rideout is one of the biggest stars in amateur porn. He's Men Magazine's man of the year and is frequently featured on Randy Blue. Photographer Nicky Reyes recently got the opportunity to shoot this incredibly hot stud. You can check out more of Reese on Nicky's website and at Randy Blue.




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I'm not sure if there's a site out there that I enjoy more than FratPad. Not only is it sexy as fuck, but you really get to know the guys. I love watching buds Shay & Jayden just hang out or blond muscle hottie Payne goof off on cam. New pledges Madison and Kumar are great additions to the Pad. And dont worry if you missed a show, you can check out past shows (including the twins) in the super extensive achives. So head on over to the FratPad and tell Shay, Jayden, Payne, Max, Dallas, Leo and new studs Kumar & Madison that Dudetube sent ya.


August 21, 2009



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Does this guy look familiar to anyone? It's Gio who had an extended stay in the FratPad and also appeared solo on CollegeDudes247. I still remember a steamy show he did with Miguel back in the day.



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August 22, 2009



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Weekend Porn Roundup


Josh has quickly become one of the most popular guys at Corbin Fisher. His Bel Ami crossover video is one of the hottest I've seen all year. I'm suprised it's taken him this long to fuck Derek. I love watching Derek because he's one of the most passionate guys on the site. This video is so full of hot action that they had to split it into two parts. It's so hot to see Josh getting his smooth ass eaten out before Derek sits on his cock. You gotta stick around until the end to see Johs blow his load in Derek's eager mouth.



I can't get enough of Randy Blue superstar Leo Giamani. This week Leo's teamed up with another big muscle stud Devin. Devin's done work for other sites before, but he's never looked so good. It's so hot to see Leo take on someone his own size, although I'm not sure anyone can measure up to Leo in the cock department. These big studs trade blowjobs and Leo goes to work pounding Devin's muscle ass. Leo really gets into topping and Devin ends the video covered in two big loads.



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