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July 27, 2009



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Daily Dudetube


Georgia QB Joe Cox (can you belive that name) is the latest athlete to forget to wear a cup to a photoshoot. Towleroad found this shot of the ginger stud's VPL.

This is gonna be one of those "Wow, you really were that gay" kind of confessions. When i was a kid I wanted to grow up and be Linda Dano. For those of you who don't know Linda played the fabulous Felicia Gallant on the soap Another World and she also hosted the talk show Attitudes on Lifetime. I couldn't imagine a more amazing life. If I was gonna steal anyone's life these days one of the top contenders would be Rich Juzwiak. Besides being a hottie he also is half of the hilarious Pot Psychology on Jezebel and writes for the VH1 Blog. Pot Psychology is a hilarious herbally enhanced sex/relationship advice vlog with the perspective of a straight girl and gay guy.


Sean M. Having a bad night on U Street - m4m - 30 (14th and U)

Date: 2009-07-25, 8:03AM EDT
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You were the very hot white guy at 14th and U Street last night. Looked like you got into a fight then you were arrested for something. I got a chance to talk to you and asked where you were drinking, then told you I don't go out on U Street. Tell me what I was wearing. Even with the bloody face you were still HOT.



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Monday Porn Roundup


We haven't gotten to see Harley bottom since he's return to Sean Cody. Lucky for us bisexual stud Doug is ready to take on that hot hairy ass. Harley's not a big fan of cocksucking, but he goes to town eating Doug's hole. It's so fucking hot to see Harley's huge uncut tool flopping around while he's getting pounded by Doug. Doug's muscle ass looks amazing in action and Harley ends the video covered in two big loads. Make sure you check out the bonus video with hot footage of the guys wrestling.


July 28, 2009



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Daily Dudetube


My Twitter followers got a sneak peek at these pics yesterday, but I just had to share these shots of swimmer Ricky Berens' "wardrobe malfunction" from this weekend. Right before he was about to compete in a relay his suit split open in the back and there wasn't time to change. His team came in 4th and we were all treated to his hot ass. These high-tech swimsuits that have contributed to many world records in the last two years will be banned starting in 2010.



If that's not enough accidental exposure for you how about some royal penis. Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco was snapped changing in and out of his wetsuit while on vacation. His mother is Princesss Caroline and his grandparents are Prince Rainier & actress Grace Kelly.




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Tuesday Porn Roundup


I was ridiculously horny this weekend and Bentley Race helped me out a lot. It has the hottest guys from Down Under and sexy webmaster Ben who has the uncanny ability to convince lots of his models to bottom for his big cock. Jay's one of my favorites who's gotten pounded by Ben before and now he's back to play with Jake. The studs have been friends for awhile and their chemistry is unmistakable. This video is full of tons of hot kissing, jerking, sucking and rimming. Even after Jay & Jake blow their loads they can't stop playing with each other. Check out all the action at Bentley Race.



You guys really liked Kawika's last video from Island Studs. This native Hawaiian stud is back for a full jerk off video. He arrived straight from the beach so the video starts with a gorgeous outdoor shower. Kawika's ass looks incredible as the water runs over it. Once Kawika is all cleaned up he heads inside to work his meat. He really gets into working his cock and blows a big load all over his tan body.


July 29, 2009



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Daily Dudetube


If you've seen the gay mormon flick Latter Days you're probably a fan of actor Steve Sandvoss. The actor also appeared in the 2007 horror film Buried Alive. Here's some caps from a steamy bathtub scene.



An embarassing moment at the 24 Hr Fitness Horne - m4m (FW)
Reply to: pers-d5mbx-1266897808@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-07-12, 10:12PM CDT

I just barged in on you in the shower to look for one of my contact lenses, which I dropped in the same location you were in. I apologize but I just got them yesterday. You were stroking your huge cock when I nonchalantly barged in. I think you were on the verge of cumming. Hell, you were distracted! I could not help myself from locking my eyes on your humongous throbbing member for a good five seconds straight. It was a very uncomfortable situation for the both of us. I think you were as shocked as I was. You were so gracious to allow me to stare at the beginning until you probably realized I was not supposed to be there. I am sure I caused you a very painful blue balls. I wanted to swallow your beautiful huge cock right there and then but I got a grip of myself. Now, I regret not doing anything. I am not sure though if you would have allowed me to. You looked truly straight. No matter, you seemed so horny maybe you would have wanted to fuck any warm hole. Heck! Me and my propriety! You are a very handsome young gentleman of between 19 and 22 with a body any man of your age would dream to have and a Grecian butt to die for. I know this is a long shot, but if you would want to finish what you were not able to there, let me do it for you. I am sure my warm mouth is far better than your hand. I owe you big time anyway. And yes, I found my contact lens when you left. Thanks! This happened between 8:45 and 9:00 pm Sunday. I hope to see you there again to at least apologize.


One of the most gorgeous titles out there now is Greg Rucka and JH Williams Detective Comics starring Batwoman. The art is incredible and the team is creating a great origin for this new character. Stuart Immonen is joining Brian Benis on New Avengers #55 in stores today. I'm a huge fan of Immonen's art and I think this collaboration will take this book to the next level. Also out today are new issues of Wednesday Comics, Secret Warriors, Thunderbolts, X-Men Forever, Ultimatum & Ultimate Spider-Man: Requiem.




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Wednesday Porn Roundup


I'm really loving the addition of Ty and his brother Daniel to the Corbin Fisher family. This week Ty is back to bottom for blond hottie Cole. Ty was such a hot bottom when he got fucked by Connor and he doesn't disappoint this time. There's so much hot action in this scene that CF had to split it into two part. Part One is full of tons of hot kissing, trading blowjobs and rimming. In Part Two Cole goes to town on Ty's hot ass and finishes by jizzing all over his face and mouth.



Dakota Wallace is the latest hot find from You Love Jack. This stud makes his living as a roofer and told YLJ that he didn't give a fuck who saw his video. He really gets into working his cock and fingering his hot hole. It's so hot to watch Dakota dump his load all over his tight abs.


July 30, 2009



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So You Think You Can Dance

Mia Michaels did a great job choreographing this routine.


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Thursday Porn Roundup


I can't get enough of UK Naked Men's superstar Matt Hughes. In "Satan's Slaves" Robbie Rivers and Ben Statham go to town worshipping their master's enormous uncut cock. The video starts off with Robbie and Ben taking turns trying to swallow Matt's dick. Ben ends up bottoming for both Matt & Robbie before getting drenched by three big loads. (It's really hard to write about a devil themed sex scene and not use the phrase "hot as hell")



I know there are lots of redhead fans out there and I know they're gonna love the latest update on ChaosMen. I love their "Serviced" videos and it's even hotter watching one ginger stud working over another. Elliot stoic straight boy facade falls away once he realizes how good Carter is making his dick feel. After tons of hot oral action and some rimming Elliot stands up and sprays all over Carter.


July 31, 2009



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Friday Feature: Mrsanzo


I'm loving these Friday Features. We've had hotties ToddyLive, CuteDaveyBoy, Arvistopolis and now another one of my favorites Mrsanzo. I know you guys are huge fans of his videos and I'm so excited to have him doing one exclusively for Dudetube. If you're interested in being one of Dudetube's Friday Feature guys and want a free t-shirt email me.


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Weekend Porn Roundup


The video we've all been waiting for is finally here. The first part of That 70s Gay Porn Movie is now available on Randy Blue. This video is a perfect mix of vintage fraternity hijinks and the hottest men in amateur porn today. In this first installment we get to meet the brother & pledges of Delta Iota Kappa (DIK). There's two action scenes, one between Leo Giamani & Mike West and a second with Xander Scott & Christian Sharp. This is definitely going to be one of the biggest events of the year so head on over to Randy Blue.



I have a huge crush on Fuller from Sean Cody. He's actually a local guy and I dream about running into him at Whole Food or maybe my bedroom. This time he's taking Keith's cherry. After some hot kissing and oral action, Fuller goes to town on Keith's hot ass. It's so hot to see a muscle stud like Fuller go wild pounding another hot stud. You gotta stick around until the end to see Fuller bust his load all over Keith's face.



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