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July 20, 2009



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Daily Dudetube

I know a lot of you checked out the latest Harry Potter movie this weekend and some might be wonder who that hot guy flirting with Hermione was. His names is Freddie Stroma and he's 22 year olk UK actor. Oh and did I mention the underwear model part? Freddie shows off his package and bares his butt for Swedish underwear company Acne.



Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood returns to BBC America tonight with the 5 night mini-series "Children of Earth". Torchwood stars openly gay actor/hottie John Barrowman as bisexual time traveller Captain Jack. The series just premiered in the UK a couple weeks ago so it's pretty rad that we're getting it so quickly.


Barney's Super Man - m4m (Upper East Side)

Date: 2009-07-17, 12:14PM EDT
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You were wearing a red and blue Super Man costume in front of Barney's and sitting in a lawn chair. Your costume left little to the imagination that something super is between your legs! Would love to make Super Man happy.



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Monday Porn Roundup


It looks like the Sean Cody are definitely having a great time in Hawaii. After last week's amazing kitchen fuck Matt & newbie Keith are taking the action outside. The video starts out with tons of hot making out and then Keith goes to town on Matt's big tool. SC has become the go to site for acrobatic fucking and it's so fucking hot to watch Keith getting pounded on a staircase. Matt blows a impressive load and almost makes it up to Keith's face.There's also a great bonus video with tons of behind the scenes goodness.



I don't know where You Love Jack keeps finding these hot alternative superhung guys. Their latest is Jessy a hot tattooed French guy with a 9 inch uncut cock. Jessy's also got a set of big balls that flop around while he's jerking his big three hander. He really gets into play withing with his hole and works two fingers deep inside. It's so fucking hot to watch him blow his load all over his face and then lick his own cockhead clean.


July 21, 2009



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Daily Dudetube


It's shaping up to be a big event summer of porn. First we have the Corbin Fisher/Bel Ami crossover and now Randy Blue is taking things up a notch with "That 70's Gay Porn Movie". The movie stars Leo Giamani, Vincent DeSalvo, Xander Scott & Ethan Parker along with some fresh faces and a special appearance by Reese Rideout. This great mix of fraternity hijinks, vintage style and ridiculously hot sex will be out Friday July 31st. Check out the retrotastic trailer:


French duo Exterface are exploring their leather side with model Bulrog in their latest work "Demonstration".




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Tuesday Porn Roundup


If Corbin Fisher's latest find Daniel looks familiar it's because you might like me be a big fan of his big brother Ty. On the site we've seen Ty top Travis and bottom for Connor and now his little bro is giving it a shot. Like his brother, Daniel's very comfortable with talking about sex and even a little but curious about messing around with guys. Big cocks must also run in the family because Daniel's packing heat. Unlike Ty, Daniel's actually a virgin and has only done some oral action with girls. Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more of Daniel at Corbin Fisher.


July 22, 2009



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Daily Dudetube


I hope you guys are enjoying the exclusive videos on Friday. Can anyone guess who are mystery guest for this week is?


This week I got nostalgic for the old BloggerSnaps program. For you newer Dudetube readers it was a program that allowed you to take a snapshot with your webcam. I've search for a replacement without much luck. If you have any leads or know anyone who could build something like that hit me up.



The third issue of Garth Ennis' Herogasm hits stores today. He's been skewering superheroes in The Boys and now he's teamed up with his Hitman partner John McCrea. The mini-series takes a look at what superheroes really get up to when they're supposed to be saving the world (hint: it's a vacation at a hedonistic resort). Marvel's celebrating two big issues with week with the 600th (kinda) issues of Amazing Spider-Man & Incredible Hulk. Also out today is the last issue of Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds along with new issues of Green Lantern, Wednesday Comics, Gotham City Sirens, Avengers: The Initiative & X-Force (please live Tabby!).


the sex was awful, so let's just be friends - m4m - 20 (boston)
Date: 2009-07-19, 4:55PM EDT
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you showed up with impeccable punctuality, something that most guys don't have when for a hookup.

however, that was about the onlything you did right.

you smelled, you didn't look much like the guy in your pics, and your cock was not 7.5

i only felt like having pity sex because i didn't know how other way to get rid of you. honestly you seem like a nice guy, but clearly you don't like having much gay sex and you can't even suck a dick right. you already had your getaway story once you cummed and you were most likely heading back to a gf/your mom. good riddance to bad rubbish.

seems like we'll only be friends, but at least that would mean we won't have the painfully awkward sex that we did today

PS: i took a shower after doing it...smell transference. yuck



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Wednesday Porn Roundup


The last time Glen was on Sean Cody he got fucked by bisexual stud Doug. Now he's back for a flip-flop fuck with one of my favorite studs Kurt. This blond hottie was a little nervous when he saw Kurt's Magnum XL condoms. The video starts off with Glen eating Kurt's hot hairy ass. There's so much hot fucking and Kurt ends the video covered in two big loads. Make sure you check out the bonus video with tons of behind the scenes goodness.



There are a lot of guys who I think are superhot, but I have to admit that I'm totally head over heels in lust with Randy Blue's Malachi Marx. Sean Everett was scheduled for a live show and my boyfriend Malachi crashed it. Not that Sean seemed to mind at all. I love watching the live shows because the guys are so relaxed and you get to see a very fun side of them. These two studs make out, trade blow jobs, rim and play with toys together. Check out all the action and Malachi goodness at Randy Blue.


July 23, 2009



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Daily Dudetube


The male nudity on this season of Big Brother has kinda dried up. Luckily Charmants has been following the French reality tv show Secret Story. Check out this video of Léo, Jonathan and Romain. CBS needs to get a big open shower like this.


I've been checking out my favorite Yahoo Group RetroMenPlus. Besides the hots guys, I like seeing all the questionable decor from the past. Where did all that wood paneling and those hideous curtains go?




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I know a lot of you have been missing them, so I'm so excited to announce that Shay & Jayden are back at the FratPad. These two studs have really been heating things up and showing newbies Reece & Archie the ropes. Muscle studs Payne, Taylor & Max are still putting on amazing shows everyday. And don't worry if you miss any of the live action cause you can check it all out in the expanded Archives. So head on over to the FratPad and tell Max, Jayden, Payne, Taylor, Shay, Reese, & Archie that Dudetube sent ya.


July 24, 2009



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Friday Feature: ToddyLive


It's been awhile since we've seen my buddy Toddy from ToddyLive on the blog. So I was very excited when he contacted me earlier this week with an exclusive video for you Dudetube readers. Toddy runs one of the hottest webcam sites online and I'm so happy to have him back on Dudetube. If you want to see more Toddy there's tons of great stuff on his website and make sure you check out his previous appearance on Dudetube.


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Weekend Porn Roundup


Who wouldn't want a hot naked gardener like Johnny Angel. In the latest video from Randy Blue Eddie Diaz can't help but make a move when he sees Johnny shaking his beautiful ass in the backyard. After some hot oral action Eddie starts pound Johnny's bubble butt with his big black cock. Then the guys switch it up and Johnny gets his chance to top. The video finishes up with Johnny blowing his load riding Eddie and then Eddie jizzing all over Johnny's cute face.



Ceasar's done some action videos at ChaosMen but he's never gotten the "Edge" treatment. His friend Clay told him how amazing Bryan's oral skills were and Ceasar had to get in on the action. Ceasar's never bottoms before and Bryan uses this as an opportunity to expand his horizons. It's so hot to watch Bryan use a toy on Ceasar's hot ass and even slip on a condom and slide inside him. You can't miss Ceasar's explosive cumshot.



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